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RightCrowd Proudly Supports Australian National Safe Work Month

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RightCrowd Proudly Supports Australian National Safe Work Month

October is National Safe Work Month in Australia. It’s the perfect time to take a step back and think about the work we do and how we keep our workforce safe.

Some key recent statistics from Safe Work Australia show there is still much to be done to make our workplaces safer:

  • 182 worker fatalities per annum
  • 104,770 serious workers’ compensation claims per annum
  • 6 weeks median time lost per claim
  • $11,000 median compensation paid per claim
  • $3,100,000,000 total employer cost of claims per annum
  • $61,800,000,000 total economic cost of claims per annum

Businesses of every size have policies to ensure the safety of workers at every site, on the road or in corporate functions. However, can anyone be certain that these policies are being consistently followed and enforced? If a workplace safety incident does occur, could anyone provide audited evidence to prove that the company took all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of workers?

In most cases, the answer is no’, and the implications for the worker and the company can be catastrophic.

RightCrowd Software uses your physical access control system to lock in safety policy compliance at the gate, keeping potential safety issues out of your site.

RightCrowd’s safety solutions include:

  • Competencies & Certification Management: Improve site safety by ensuring everyone who has access to secure areas have the required training and certifications.
  • Random Drug & Alcohol Testing: Reduce workplace accidents by implementing a fair and compliant substance abuse testing process.
  • Fatigue Management: Fatigued workers are a risk to themselves and others—ensure they are identified and not permitted on your site.
  • Evacuation & Mustering: Evacuate all staff on site (employees, contractors, and visitors) quickly and efficiently using a cloud-based mobile app.
  • Exposure Management: Limit how long staff can be exposed to potential hazards such as noise, radioactivity, and repetitive stress.

Safe Work Australia has identified 42 potential workplace safety issues. RightCrowd’s solutions directly or indirectly address many of these issues.

For more information about how RightCrowd can help your enterprise to be a safer work environment, contact us at +61 7 5593 2591 or Watch out for further posts on workplace safety on our LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.