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RightCrowd launches social distancing wearables to help business return to work safely

RightCrowd (ASX:RCW), a leading provider of safety, security and compliance solutions, announced today the release of social distancing wearables to assist organizations protect the safety of their workers. The wearable will help returning workers maintain social distancing. It also enables contact tracing within the workplace, after configuration for consistency with local privacy laws.

”RightCrowd has 16 years of experience in keeping workers safe, and we see that the Covid-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing how organizations look at protecting their people and operations during this return to work phase,” said RightCrowd CEO, Peter Hill.

RightCrowd’s patented Presence Control solution already had the capability to manage the presence of people for safety and security purposes. Its capability has been extended to create a personal separation and contact tracing device that notifies the wearer when they are too close to a colleague. The solution monitors appropriate levels of social distancing across the entire workforce, allowing organizations to pinpoint problematic interactions, so they can take additional measures when needed.

Worn by workers, the digital badge holder flashes red when two people come within a distance of approximately 6 feet. The interactions between the wearables are also stored and can be utilized for contact tracing. The system is easily deployed in the cloud or on-premise and can be configured by the customer to meet the most demanding privacy regulations.

Mr. Hill added ”The solution is very different to the phone-based, government contact tracing apps which target the general population. By wrapping the necessary capabilities around an everyday work item, like a security access badge, it overcomes the controversy of pushing the workers to use their personal phone to support safety initiatives.”

”Implementing social distancing and contact tracing in a way that complies with corporate policies will help business operations resume in a safer, more responsible manner” explained Hill. ”Importantly, it allows our customers to reinforce corporate citizenship and demonstrate the actions taken to help protect their workers.”

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