Social Distancing Solutions that keep visitors secure?

teather visitor with badgheholders

Social Distancing Solutions that keep visitors secure?

Many organizations have high safety, security and compliance requirements for their visitors, vendors and customers. Due to regulations or security requirements, their needs often go well beyond issuing visitor stickers at reception. This is because once inside an unattended visitor can access secure areas and information, and represent an invisible threat.

RightCrowd Social Distancing solutions can be configured to provide an additional layer of security to harden visitor management systems and processes.

RightCrowd Contact Tracing badges in the workplace
RightCrowd Social Distancing & Contact Tracing
Each digital Badgeholder continuously monitors all other Badgeholders present. This helps to get workplace social distancing and contact tracing under control.

Implementing RightCrowd Presence Control will ensure that visitors are immediately visible to everyone present. The solution instantly establishes trust between workers, visitors, vendors and customers without them actually having to know each other. 

When a visitor checks in at reception a RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder can be provided. This makes authorized visitors visible to everyone.

social distancing devices
Visitor collecting their Rightcrowd Digital Badgeholder at reception.

Visitors can also be tethered to their host via the RightCrowd Mobile Application. The host simply activates visitor tethering through the App on their smartphone. Once visitors are tethered, the host will receive a warning on their phone when a visitor leaves them. At the same time the visitor’s Badgeholder will start flashing red, indicating to everyone present that that visitor is no longer accompanied by the host.

Communicate with security in a direct and discreet manner. Send an alarm message, ask for help, flag suspicious behavior, or let security know that you lost your badge.
Tether visitor’s badgeholders using your smart phone. The app shows your visitors and in case one of them gets out of your proximity, a security notification will pop-up.

RightCrowd Presence Control provides the following benefits to Visitor Management:

  • Visitor Safety, Security and Compliance — instantly make the point that your organization is taking security seriously.
  • Enforce host/visitor escort policies — no other solution allows to provide digital proof that visitors stayed with their hosts at all times.
  • Be in control of all visits — use additional RightCrowd BLE Gateways to ensure visitors stay in visitor areas and be notified when they are seen in unauthorized areas.   

As always, please contact us to find out more about our solution.