Can your Contact Tracing solution keep secure areas safe?

RightCrowd Presence Control - Bluetooth Badgeholder - Employee

Can your Contact Tracing solution keep secure areas safe?

Many organizations have areas where for safety, security or compliance reasons they want to be sure that only authorized people are present. These areas are often protected by a combination of physical security controls, yet for many reasons unauthorized people still gain access.

In this blog post we explore how RightCrowd Presence Control helps to keep your secure areas protected.

RightCrowd Presence Control can be used to provide visible two-factor authentication in secure areas to protect against unauthorized access and presence. Implementing RightCrowd Presence Control will make unauthorized people entering an area, through tailgating or falsified badges, immediately visible to everyone present.

The solution instantly establishes trust in areas with co-workers, visitors or contractors without them actually having to know each other. 

Workers entering an area with an enabled RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder will be detected by a RightCrowd Gateway. If the worker is authorized to be in that area, the Badgeholder will start showing the correct color code for that area. The Badgeholder color can be pre-set or a random color that changes at pre-set intervals. If not authorized, the Badgeholder will blink red to indicate that the person is not authorized to be in that area.

RightCrowd Presence Control provides the following benefits:

  • Physical security two-factor authentication — anyone not authorized to be in a secure area will be immediately visible to everyone else.
  • Security engagement — by visualizing authorized presence, people automatically become engaged and will help protect your facilities leveraging social control dynamics.
  • Increased security — the solution enforces correct badging behavior. As a result, your access control logs become reliable again.   

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