Can your Social Distancing solution help manage evacuations?

RightCrowd Badgeholder for Emergency Management

Can your Social Distancing solution help manage evacuations?

Evacuation Management is an essential component of every organization’s emergency response plan. Yet most organizations still rely on access control system logs to determine who is in the building during dynamic emergency situations.

With RightCrowd Social Distancing Monitoring you will know exactly who is still in a building with accurate, real-time reporting. The solution automatically identifies people who may not have badged in when entering the building, or badged out when leaving the building. All real-live examples that demonstrate that access control is not a reliable source for evacuation management.   

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RightCrowd Presence Control Badgeholder & Mobile Application

In an emergency, RightCrowd Gateways will capture the details of every Badgeholder as they pass enabled exit points. Additionally, a RightCrowd Virtual Gateway on a smartphone or tablet can automatically register every Badgeholder as people arrive at mustering points. You will instantly see who safely reached each of the mustering points.

The Dashboard can be used to quickly locate people still inside the building. And using a push notification you can request missing users to report back on their situation, further narrowing down the list of people that might be in danger. 

RightCrowd Presence Control provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible evacuation management — define as many mustering points as needed. Automatically register people as they arrive at a mustering point. 
  • Real-time data — for people missing, get instant access to where they were last seen and when.
  • Get instant feedback — leverage the RightCrowd App to request people to report back to you. Know who is safe versus who may need help. 

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