Use RightCrowd to return to the workplace with confidence

COVID-19 return to the workplace safely
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Use RightCrowd to return to the workplace with confidence

Every day we hear news of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out accelerating, and now of new mutant strains emerging, some with potential antibody resistance. It seems clear that companies are going to need to put in place multiple controls to prevent the spread of the virus and limit its impact on business operations. 

In this post we will examine how RightCrowd can help get your people back to the workplace with confidence and keep them safe.

Access preregistration and approval

As your workplace reopens visitors, employees and vendors will need to complete health check questionnaires, be re-inducted on the COVID-19 protocols being used across your facilities. This is also an opportunity to give people only the access they need to do their job, and prevent the spread of the virus. 

This can now be completed off-site or at home through a dedicated self-service portal.

Employees can register to return, complete health checks and inductions and have their access approved by their managers. Their building access cards can be automatically provisioned and deprovisioned at the end of the approval period. The same style of process can also be used to register visitors, vendors, contractors and tenants to enter the building all with the appropriate checks, inductions and approvals to keep everyone safe.

Visitor Management Access Approval GIF
RightCrowd automates, enhances and simplifies employee and visitors check-ins to your workplace.

Vaccination Passport

Health questionnaires and COVID-19 screening have been in use since the beginning of the pandemic and the idea is basically this: that before anyone enters your facility, they answer specific COVID-19 questions and if they answer YES to any, entry is denied.

Using RightCrowd through a dedicated company portal, an employee, visitor or contractor can answer your vaccine questionnaire. It creates a vaccine passport for an employee or visitor and ensures your company’s vaccination policies can then be enforced with the relevant information stored for audit and legal purposes.

RightCrowd can deliver these questionnaires electronically, off-site, so that this process doesn’t happen in your lobby and makes entry more efficient.

Social Distancing Monitoring

Social distancing has been shown to be amongst the most effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. RightCrowd turns your existing building access card into an advanced social distancing monitoring and security tool. The solution makes social distancing visible, enabling a safe return to the workplace.

When enabled, RightCrowd Digital Badgeholders will automatically deliver social distancing monitoring when people enter a facility. Each Badgeholder continuously monitors for other Badgeholders. When two people come within a distance of approximately 6 feet, the Badgeholders will start flashing yellow as a warning. If people don’t re-establish a safe distance within 5 seconds, then the devices will start to flash red, and the interaction is stored as a Close Contact’ event in each Badgeholder.

RightCrowd Social Distancing and Contact Tracing in Offces
RightCrowd monitors how well social distancing is being respected across the entire workforce.

Contract Tracing

Close Contact events are securely transferred to RightCrowd’s Presence Control platform as soon as the devices comes in range of a Gateway. Through the RightCrowd Dashboard you can access Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing data and reports.

The systems privacy settings can be configured to match legal and policy requirements, and provide complete anonymity while effectively managing the operational risks. The system also has advanced security features with role based access controls, to ensure the data contained in the system meets your information security requirements.

RightCrowd Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing
RightCrowd’s Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing solution.

RightCrowd Contact Tracing has advanced reporting capabilities, and has been developed with leading companies, with multi-site operations. Through an easy to use dashboard, RightCrowd quickly delivers time based, multi-layered social distancing monitoring and contact tracing reporting. System users can accurately identify exposed employees, contractors and visitors in seconds compared to ensure companies can efficiently meet their employee notification requirements.

RightCrowd is the leading Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing solution and has been designed to meet the safety, security and compliance requirements business customers demand.