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Part 2 – #1 COVID-19 exposure reporting solution for business

RightCrowd Contact Tracing - COVID-19 Exposure Notification

Not all COVID-19 Exposure Reporting solutions are built to meet the complex safety, security and legal requirements of business. In this post we explore some more of the features required of a business grade COVID-19 Exposure Reporting solution.


Business will be required to assist local health departments who are responsible for leading case investigations and contact tracing. When contact tracers investigate a case, they will ask the patient questions about their work and their work environment, about people they have been in close contact with, and the locations they visited during the previous two weeks.

In general, when a COVID-19 case impacts a workplace, the health department may ask the employer for information and assistance with:

  • understanding the workplace, the work performed and how people interact
  • identifying workplace close contacts
  • conducting workplace contact tracing. 

If the health department learns a person is a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 and was in a workplace where close contact with they may contact the employer, workers or visitors to let them know of potential exposures.


Rapid and accurate close contact information is critical in limiting the impact of a workplace COVID-19 infection. The faster this is provided to local health authorities the faster further spread can be mitigated. However, many organizations still lack business-grade tools to provide this information quickly to contact tracing teams.


In our last post we covered the first four critical requirements and in this post we will cover the next 5 :

  • Automatic data collection
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree contact data
  • APIs and Exportable data
  • Configurable settings
  • Advanced reporting
  • Form factor
  • Ease of deployment
  • Data storage
  • 24/7 support


Businesses need access to accurate close contact data, fast. Yet in many cases they are also looking to run reports on demand, to identify deeper insights, trends and hot spots and measure the impact of the mitigation strategies they put in place.

RightCrowd Contact Tracing is based on automatic data capture every time a Badgeholder passes a RightCrowd Gateway. Reporting is based on accurate up-to-date data securely stored in an advanced database that renders all contact points and allows for further analysis and reporting by date, location, distance, duration, and contact-level. The application further provides data visualisation capability across multi-level and time series close contacts.    

The data captured can also be called through an API, or optionally, enriched with social distancing monitoring data or people’s COVID-status information.

Contact Tracing reporting
RightCrowd Contact Tracing visualizes the spread and helps identify who else has been exposed to COVID-19.


Customer feedback suggests that form factor is a major influencer on the overall adoption of Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing solutions.

RightCrowd leverages the existing building access card and turns it into a digital social distancing monitoring and contact racing solution. Sliding an existing security access card into a RightCrowd Badgeholder turns it into an active digital credential which delivers social distancing monitoring, contact tracing and a range of additional security and compliance use cases.  

Workplace Contact Tracing App


Adding traditional physical security controls can be costly and time consuming. Companies that operate in high-security or high-compliance environments can now implement a flexible business grade contact tracing with automatic data collection incredibly quickly.

RightCrowd can be rapidly deployed simply with the installation of a RightCrowd BLE Gateway with a POE connection and the distribution of RightCrowd Digital Badgeholders to workers. A customer can flexibly add or change the location of Gateways to add additional data collection points as required.


Storage and management of data are a major concern in this era of big data. These huge volumes of data need to be kept not just for analytic purposes, but also in compliance with laws and service level agreements. Many contact tracing solutions are unable to handle the large volumes of data created by close contacts in a business or industrial setting.

RightCrowd uses advanced database technology and cloud storage to ensure that the customer data is accessible and securely stored.


Modern business functions 24/7 and large organisations with global operations cannot afford a support model that operates for limited times. COVID-19 is a global pandemic and RightCrowd Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing has been set up to support your business requirements.

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