Contact tracing wearables to safely return to your workplace

Contact Tracing Wearables to Safely Return to Your Workplace
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Contact tracing wearables to safely return to your workplace

It is clear by now, that the global COVID-19 pandemic and continuing waves of infection have fundamentally changed our working relationship with — THE OFFICE. Hybrid working is here to stay, and it means that many workers will come into offices and facilities regularly, but not every day.

To get in control of these new hybrid access requirements, organizations are implementing integrated solutions that grant physical access to people who are healthy, meet business policies and approved to be there. They are also delivering contact tracing solutions that allow them to quickly get in control of workplace safety and stay operational.

In this article, we will examine how RightCrowd Contact Tracing helps companies meet the challenges of hybrid office working arrangements and manage ongoing COVID-19 risks.

Hybrid working is here to stay

To better manage the ongoing safety and operational risks of COVID-19, many hybrid teams limit the number of people working from the office. These practices create operational bubbles where small teams, working alternating weeks can limit the potential spread of any infection. It is also common to limit physical access to unrelated operational areas so any spread can be further controlled.  

The best effective model also requires that every employee, contractor and visitor is enabled with a contact tracing wearable. Fast, accurate close contact reporting allows organizations to quickly get in control of workplace COVID-19 exposures, provide rapid notifications and precisely identify areas for deep cleaning.

The challenge for physical security

For physical security teams this hybrid working model, and the attendant COVID-19 infection risks, has highlighted the need for contact tracing solutions that integrate into the physical security infrastructure.  

Finding a solution that integrates into the existing environment prevents additional system, information and security silos. Security teams are looking for solutions with appropriate integrations, technical support, data security and privacy controls.

Get in control of workplace contact tracing

RightCrowd is the leading all-in-one workplace contact tracing, COVID-19 exposure reporting and social distancing monitoring system.

Using proven Bluetooth® Low Energy technology (BLE), each digital badgeholder continuously monitors close contact events across the workplace and enables rapid contact tracing in the event a team member becomes infected with COVID-19.

The system’s privacy and distance settings can be configured to match legal and policy requirements, and provide complete anonymity while effectively managing operational risks. It can be quickly deployed and easily moved to other locations as your business grows.

RightCrowd Contact Tracing delivers simple accurate, close contact and COVID-19 exposure reporting. Users can quickly access close contact reporting across location, date/time, duration and 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree exposure. Mandatory COVID-19 exposure notification can be quickly delivered to exposed workers.

Integrating with your Security Infrastructure

RightCrowd turns your existing security access card into a digital contact tracing solution.

Sliding a building access card into a RightCrowd Badgeholder turns it into an active digital credential that delivers social distancing monitoring, contact tracing and a range of additional security and compliance use cases. The solution also includes:

“¢ Long battery life
“¢ Easy workforce adoption
“¢ Fast, accurate close contact reporting
“¢ Business-grade security and compliance

The solution can be fully integrated into your physical access control system, with all reporting based on existing PACS User IDs. APIS also enable reporting to be directly delivered into security dashboards.

It is clear that even as vaccine programs accelerate, that COVID-19 outbreaks will still occur in the workplace. Organizations enabled with contact tracing solutions integrated with their physical security environment will be better placed to protect their people, delivery accurate mandatory reporting and keep their operations open.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get in control of workplace contact tracing.