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What are the essential features of an Enterprise Visitor Management system?

Features of Enterprise Visitor Management

Working with leading global organizations gives us unique insight into the best-practice feature set for Enterprise Visitor Management systems. In this article, we’ll unpack those requirements in a way that you can use as you evaluate what is important for your organization as you consider an Enterprise Visitor Management System.

Experience shows that large organizations typically look for 4 broad sets of functions: Core Visitor Management; Enterprise Integrations, Automation and Hardware, and Reporting.

Core Visitor Management Features

When evaluating core visitor management functionality, we recommend looking for an integrated set of features that help manage visitors across their entire lifecycle.

‰ Customisable design
‰ Employee self-service
‰ Multilanguage
‰ Preregistration
‰ Group check-in
‰ VIP check-in
‰ Approval
‰ Vetting
‰ Watch lists
‰ Pre-Induction

‰ Signed digital agreements
‰ Compliance tracking
‰ Fast check-in
‰ Kiosks & peripherals
‰ Photo capture
‰ Badge issuance
‰ Host notification
‰ Presence tracking
‰ Exit tracking
‰ Evacuation management

Enterprise Integrations

Integration of your visitor management system within your IT environment eliminates another siloed application and prevents compounding security and compliance issues. For instance, an integration with your physical access control system delivers a single view of everyone on-site, which can be critical in an emergency.

‰ Physical access control
‰ Learning management
‰ Contractor management
‰ Vendor management
‰ Work-order management
‰ Asset register

‰ ActiveDirectory
‰ Room booking
‰ Facilities scheduling
‰ External watch lists
‰ Calendar
‰ Human resource

Automation and Hardware

Automation, self-service, workflow and hardware/peripherals are important features for any large organization. With the potential for hundreds of visitors daily, the direct cost of managing their safety, security and compliance can be huge. Coupled with best-practice process design these elements have the potential to save large corporates millions of dollars annually.

‰ Workflow
‰ Workflow editor
‰ Business rules engine
‰ Forms management
‰ Document management
‰ Employee portal
‰ DL/ID scanner

‰ Mobile scanner
‰ External portal
‰ Mobile
‰ Kiosk
‰ Fixed scanner
‰ Printer
‰ Card dispenser

Visitor Reporting and Analytics

A modern Enterprise solution is a safety and security risk management tool. It provides security managers with a forward view of the category and volume of visitors before they arrive. It allows planning and decision making that proactively enhances security.

‰ Customisable dashboard
‰ Location dashboards
‰ Compliance reporting
‰ Preregistration
‰ Host
‰ Group
‰ Special purpose

‰ Time and date
‰ Overdue exit
‰ Trend and pattern analysis
‰ Evacuation reporting
‰ Data privacy
‰ Global reporting
‰ Site reporting

An Enterprise Visitor Management system is designed to handle the unique requirements and operational scale of large corporations. Many organizations start by replacing their paper logbooks with off-the-shelf systems, and as they understand what is required and possible, they start to explore the value of Enterprise Visitor Management systems.

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