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Beginners Guide to Physical Identity and Access Management System features


While security professionals might think Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) systems are for larger organizations with big budgets, the technology is now available for organizations of all sizes who need to manage physical access in a more granular way.

In this article, we will help you understand the essential features of a PIAM solution and how they deliver intelligent physical access control.

Understanding PIAM

A Physical Identity and Access Management system enables security and the business to control physical access to buildings, floors, areas and doors within their organizations. PIAM systems deliver physical access to every employee, contractor, vendor, customer or visitor in compliance with the policy and processes adopted by the business. PIAM solutions allow detailed access policies to be enforced by the physical access control system.

Essential PIAM Features

PIAM systems should deliver the following core features:

Advanced PIAM Features

Most organizations start by implementing PIAM solutions to establish more granular control of their employee’s physical access. As the organization begins to realize the safety, security and compliance benefits of the solution, they often then begin to explore the additional features and benefits available.

It is clear that companies can gain quantifiable safety, security, productivity and compliance advantages by implementing PIAM tools integrated into the existing physical access control system.

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