Contact Tracing wearables rising to the challenge of the Delta variant

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Contact Tracing wearables rising to the challenge of the Delta variant

Eighteen months after the World Health Organization (WHO) labelled COVID-19 a pandemic, few countries have built manual contact tracing processes robust enough to handle the Delta strain.

In Australia, contact tracing has been one of the greatest tools State Health Departments have deployed to contain the early phases of the virus. The WHO benchmark for a successful COVID-19 contact tracing operation is to trace and quarantine 80% of close contacts within 3 days of a case being confirmed. Yet across Australia, Delta outbreaks have severely tested the adequacy and speed of public manual contact tracing processes.

Getting The Contact Tracing Technology Mix

Recent studies, published by The Royal Society show that manual and digital contact tracing systems complement each other, and in combination help achieve efficient, speedy contact tracing at a lower cost. The study published in May 2021 also shows that digital contact tracing systems help overcome some of the inherent limitations of manual processes, such as close contact recall and the accuracy of duration and proximity information provided.

The study additionally shows that digital contact tracing solutions can be powerful tools to limit the spread of the virus in high-density work environments; such as offices, manufacturing, education and healthcare facilities.

Digital contact tracing solutions ultimately deliver greater accuracy in close contact identification, ensuring that fewer people need to quarantine, and reducing the overall cost of COVID-19 containment with greater speed.

RightCrowd Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing
RightCrowd Contact Tracing Solution – Bluetooth Badgeholder, Mobile Application & Contact Tracing Dashboard

Get In Control of Workplace Contact Tracing

RightCrowd is the leading all-in-one workplace contact tracing, COVID-19 exposure reporting and social distancing monitoring system. Using proven Bluetooth® Low Energy technology (BLE), each digital badgeholder continuously monitors close contact events across the workplace and enables rapid contact tracing in the event a team member becomes infected with COVID-19.

The system’s privacy and distance settings can be configured to match legal and policy requirements and provide complete anonymity while effectively managing operational risks. It can be quickly deployed and easily moved to other locations as your business grows.

RightCrowd Contact Tracing delivers simple accurate, close contact and COVID-19 exposure reporting. Users can quickly access close contact reporting across location, date/time, duration and 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree exposure. Mandatory COVID-19 exposure notification can be quickly delivered to exposed workers.

Integrating Contact Tracing with your Security Infrastructure

RightCrowd turns your existing security access card into a digital contact tracing solution.

Sliding a building access card into a RightCrowd Badgeholder turns it into an active digital credential that delivers social distancing monitoring, contact tracing and a range of additional security and compliance use cases. The solution also includes:

  • Long battery life
  • Easy workforce adoption
  • Fast, accurate close contact reporting
  • Business-grade security and compliance

The solution can be fully integrated into your physical access control system, with all reporting based on existing PACS User IDs. APIS also enable reporting to be directly delivered into security dashboards.

It is clear that even as vaccine programs accelerate, that COVID-19 variant outbreaks will still occur in the workplace. Organizations enabled with contact tracing solutions integrated with their physical security environment will be better placed to protect their people, deliver accurate mandatory reporting and keep their operations open.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get in control of workplace contact tracing.

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