Returning to the Office? Get in control of Physical Access.

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Returning to the Office? Get in control of Physical Access.

With health restrictions easing, many Facilities, HR and Security Managers, have workers returning to the office firmly on their minds. However, as Bart Vansevenant, General Manager of New Products at RightCrowd notes, ‘with companies having made remote working possible and highly effective, organizational leaders are now asking for more than a traditional work environment’. Where in the past office were divided up into team-based workspaces, in 2021 organizational leaders have a much more sophisticated view of what they want from their real estate assets.

For many teams, the idea of a permanent desk now seems outdated. Workers want to come into the office because they have objectives to accomplish that they cannot achieve from home or over Zoom. They no longer require permanent physical access, often accumulated over the length of their tenure and need access to specific areas only for a shorter duration.

Mr Vansevenant continues ‘I am now seeing something drastically different. Companies are asking their people to request access, and nominate what they need to do. This is so the company can match the real estate asset to the person’s requirements, and lock in security and compliance. ‘People need collaboration spaces or larger spaces for workshops of shorter duration. They then complete the tasks and then head back to their home office for the next phase of work. And it feels much more like a shared office space than a traditional office’ he says.

Hybrid working – the challenge for physical security

This new way of working is now forcing organizations to apply the principle of least privilege and Zero Trust to physical access, across the entire workforce.

For physical security teams this hybrid model of working, and the attendant security and compliance risks, has highlighted the potential safety, security and compliance risks of workers with unrestricted physical access.

At the same time, it has highlighted the need for physical access management process and system improvements with the potential to streamline security operations, improve security and compliance, and keep people safe.

No surprise that many organizations are now looking for new solutions to step up their control of physical access based on vaccine status, health checks, business policies and available real estate.

Now you can get in control

RightCrowd gives every worker, contractor and visitor the toolkit to be safe, secure and compliant when they come into the office.

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With RightCrowd you can ensure that every worker and guest has exactly the right physical access they need to do their job, every time they come into the work environment, here is how:

  1. Proactive security and compliance

    RightCrowd delivers a personalized entry experience for every category of worker and guest that needs access to sites, offices, facilities and plants.
  1. Streamlined workplace entry

    Using workflow and a business rules engine, RightCrowd delivers automated processes that ensure every access request meets COVID-19 health checks, company policy and regulations before approval.
  1. Protect workers, visitors and assets

    RightCrowd delivers a flexible, integrated mix of contactless entry solutions, mobile apps, kiosks and contact tracing wearables to streamline workplace entry and quickly respond to virus outbreaks.
  1. Enterprise scalability

    Integrated with your access control system, the system delivers a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor for a single site or across your global locations. It can be configured to meet the unique security, language or compliance requirements demanded in each location.

In many organizations, it has been commonplace for employees and contractors to accumulate physical access with tenure. The longer someone has been around, the more areas they have access to. The new way of working has exposed these practices as a safety, security and compliance risk.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get in control of workplace physical access management.