Digital Contact Tracing Solutions for the Resources Industry

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Digital Contact Tracing Solutions for the Resources Industry

Wearable safety technology across the resources sector has been on a steady growth trajectory helping build smarter operations and enabling digital transformation. Mining and mineral processing companies of every size and scale have clearly understood that a safe business is a well-run business, and the future is increasingly digital. With the ability to effectively collect and analyze large quantities of people data in near real-time it was seen as hype and a luxury.

Then COVID-19 appeared

There is no question that the pandemic has fundamentally impacted how we live and work. Social distancing in a heavy industrial environment can be especially challenging where employees must work in teams or in close proximity to one another to carry out operational or maintenance activities. And if someone becomes infected large numbers of people simply cannot stay home and keep operations running. They have to be at work, and they have to work in close proximity.

The technology category that has seen an uptick as a result of the pandemic, is contact tracing, location trackers and social distancing monitoring solutions (13% in 2019 growing to 19% in 2020, IndustryWeek 2020 Technology Survey).

The growing acceptance of wearable contact tracing technology has been driven by adherence to local COVID-19 health regulations designed to protect employees. However, for many companies, the requirement to rapidly identify employees, visitors, contractors and vendors who had been exposed to an infected person remains inescapable. It’s about operational continuity, and for many Boards, it’s recognized as a significant risk.

Where an organization can quickly and accurately deliver close contact and COVID-19 exposure reporting, they can limit operational shutdowns to identified areas and limit the number of people off work. Companies without this capability are being forced to shut larger areas for longer, while manual contact tracing and broader deep-cleaning take place.

Investing in Digital Contact Tracing Solutions

In the past, the biggest challenge was finding the money to make the investment in wearable technology. Now with COVID-19, operational continuity is king and the cost of a single site shutting down for a day can far outweigh the investment. In addition, replacement specialist workers in regional areas just don’t exist. The business case is now more compelling than ever.

The resources industry globally has seen high uptake of digital contract tracing solutions. RightCrowd is working with resources clients of all sizes, who identified their COVID-19 risks very early in the pandemic and sought solutions to mitigate their critical safety, operational, contractual, and reputational risks.

A leading client found that if it protected its people first, through an appropriate set of safety measures that included digital contact tracing, it could better mitigate its COVID risks at a lower cost, faster, with less impact on its operations.

Get in control of contact tracing

RightCrowd is the leading all-in-one workplace contact tracing, COVID-19 exposure reporting and social distancing monitoring system.

Using proven Bluetooth® Low Energy technology (BLE), each digital badgeholder continuously monitors close contact events across the workplace and enables rapid contact tracing in the event a team member becomes infected with COVID-19. The system’s privacy and distance settings can be configured to match legal and policy requirements and provide complete anonymity while effectively managing operational risks. It can be quickly deployed and easily moved to other locations as your business grows.

RightCrowd Contact Tracing delivers simple accurate, close contact and COVID-19 exposure reporting. Users can quickly access close contact reporting across location, date/time, duration and 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree exposure. COVID-19 exposure notification can be quickly delivered to exposed workers and the site can remain operational.

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