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What are the benefits of an Enterprise Visitor Management System?

Choosing an Enterprise Visitor Management System (Contactless Lobby Visitor Kiosk)

For many large companies, their Visitor Management System was purchased as a replacement for a paper visitor logbook, which had failed to meet the requirements of regulations and standards. As an organization grows and the volume of visitors, contractors, vendors increases, small-scale solutions often struggle to meet the safety, security and compliance requirements of expanding companies.

In this article, we will unpack what an Enterprise Visitor Management system is and its major benefits.


Large companies with high-traffic lobbies will often have complex security requirements and a heavier compliance burden. For any large organization, managing entrance security is fundamental to maintaining building security overall. An Enterprise Visitor Management solution will be an integrated component of the entrance security plan, and the security plan overall.

An Enterprise Visitor Management solution will have the functionality to integrate into the physical access control system, limiting visitor access to approved areas and improving security and compliance. Enterprise Visitor Management solutions can be used to initiate, approve, record and update visitor, contractor and vendor profiles and their related physical access permissions. This in turn improves resource productivity, lowers cost and improves security and compliance outcomes.

RightCrowd Visitor Management – manage every type of visitor or contractor at every stage of their visit.


Continued Visitor Management compliance failures will often represent an ongoing audit issue, which jeopardises certification and the commercial arrangements linked to it. The upgrade to an Enterprise Visitor Management system presents a number of benefits:

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