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RightCrowd Introduces Powerful New Presence Control Features for Visitor Management at GSX 2022

RightCrowd Presence Control - Visitor Management Features

Atlanta, GA (September 12, 2022) – RightCrowd (ASX: RCW / OTCQB: RCWDF), a global provider of safety, security and compliance solutions that manage the access and presence of people, is debuting a host of new visitor management-focused features and capabilities for its Presence Control solution here at GSX 2022. RightCrowd Presence Control reinforces physical access control using unique security wearables that enable human and automated validation of security permissions and safety requirements for everyone present. New Presence Control features, including Host/Visitor Tethering and Presence Reporting, are being demonstrated alongside RightCrowd’s suite of intelligent workplace access solutions in GSX 2022 booth 4048.  

An innovative and patent-awarded security wearables solution, RightCrowd Presence Control reinforces physical access control by providing employees, contractors and visitors with a digital physical identity linked to an active security credential. Leveraging existing access badges, it enables both human and automated validation of security permissions, safety requirements and compliance mandates for everyone present.

“Most organizations have a visitor access policy that mandates that visitors stay with their host at all times, but such a policy can be very hard to enforce in practice,” said Brian McIlravey, RightCrowd COO. “How do you know that visitors are remaining with their host at all times? RightCrowd Presence Control launches the first solution that makes it easy to ensure compliance to these regulations.”

New RightCrowd Presence Control features available for demonstration at GSX 2022 include:

Host/Visitor Tethering continuously monitors whether each visitor stays in proximity of their host. If a visitor wanders off, their wearable will give a visual and/or audible signal, the host will receive a notification, and a security event will be logged for audit purposes. At the start of the visit, the host can tether visitors using the RightCrowd App on their smartphone.

Presence Reporting not only makes authorized presence visible, but also provides real-time presence data to manage the capacity/occupancy of your facilities. Users will know who was present when and where by area and optionally feed data into occupancy or building management systems.

Additional RightCrowd Presence Control features for visitor management include:

Restricted Area Monitoring – Using RightCrowd Gateways, a security event will be created as soon as a visitor is seen in such a restricted area, allowing a security guard or authorized personnel to escort the visitor away from that area.

Visitor Time Management – If a visitor is scheduled to be on-site for predetermined amount of time, the wearable emits a visual and/or audible signal that indicates the end of the visit time.

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing – When the wearable detects a colleague within approximately 6 feet of another colleague, it prompts the users with an alert to establish a safe distance. In the event a team member or visitor is identified as having tested positive for COVID-19, RightCrowd quickly delivers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree exposure reporting. The system’s privacy settings can be configured to match legal requirements and provide complete anonymity while effectively managing operational risks.

For more information about RightCrowd’s product offerings, please visit or visit GSX 2022 booth #4048.

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Founded in 2004, RightCrowd (ASX: RCW / OTCQB: RCWDF) is a global provider of safety, security and compliance solutions that manage the access and presence of people. RightCrowd has offices in Seattle, Belgium, Manila, and the Gold Coast, Australia with over 150 employees across a range of specializations. Combined with our long-standing alliances with major security and business systems vendors, RightCrowd delivers world-class solutions to meet clients’ most difficult security and compliance challenges. RightCrowd has invested over 18 years working with the best of the best in the physical security industry and has successfully optimized business functions in major global organizations and industry verticals, including Fortune 50 and ASX 10 companies. More information can be found at: 

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