What You Need to Know About Enterprise Visitor Management

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What You Need to Know About Enterprise Visitor Management

In a world that necessitates strict security policies, most workplaces opt for iron-clad physical security solutions. This rings especially true for corporations responsible for managing potentially hundreds of thousands of people across multiple campuses. Large organization such as these cannot afford to not know and not control who is moving through their facilities. Hence the deployment of traditional visitor management solutions.   

But not all visitor management solutions are created equal. Small operations can perhaps get by using paper logs or excel sheets, and even mid-sized operations often employ some sort of check-in software, but enterprise-level visitor management is another beast entirely. It is here where the requirements of high-level security, accessibility, and customer service collide, necessitating enterprise-level visitor management solutions.

In this blog we will answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how of enterprise visitor management solutions for a better understanding of its application.  

Who: Enterprise-Level Visitors

Large enterprises are unique in that their visitors range widely to include daily visitors, VIPs, repeat visitors, and even large groups. Furthermore, enterprise operations are often comprised of various campuses that may see many visitors across multiple locations, often the same visitors. Auditors, contractors, vendors, and even traveling salespeople may have the need to visit multiple locations under the same organization throughout the year. It would therefore be useful in these situations to control these identities and their associated access permissions and receive a holistic picture of their traveling journey. With groundbreaking enterprise-level visitor management solutions, large operations can cater to every distinct type of visitor while maintaining broad oversight.

What: Enterprise-Level Visitor Management

It is not only the types of visitors that set enterprise visitor management solutions apart from their smaller counterparts. Enterprise visitor management solutions are purpose-built to handle high-traffic lobbies where complex security requirements and a heavier compliance burden are present. These solutions are generally easy to deploy in the cloud and policies can be quickly applied to new locations. Enterprise visitor management software can also help enterprise organizations better adhere to strict compliance standards such as ISO 27001, which requires that visitors be properly logged, copies of visitor check-in/out be maintained, and visitors be routinely escorted throughout a facility. For large-scale corporations, such momentous tasks can be easily streamlined and completed using automated enterprise visitor management solutions.

When: Prior to a Visit

With enterprise visitor management solutions, it is possible to create a positive first impression before a visitor ever arrives on-site. Smart software equipped with pre-registration options allow visitors to request access or receive an invitation to visit prior to entering a designated facility. It is during this pre-registration process that expected visitors supply all relevant information to the organization so the level and areas of approved access can be determined prior to visitor entry. The entire process is customizable so visitors can receive branded invitations with facility maps, video site introductions, directions, and host information that eliminate pre-arrival confusion. Everything from access to parking can be seamlessly allocated and assigned to guests, vendors, groups, and VIPs — all before they even arrive on-site.

Where: On-Site and At the Door

Pre-registration is often not an option, as unexpected visitors also require registration that can be conducted upon arrival. In this case, kiosks and other peripheral devices installed at entry points offer registration and check-in options for both expected and unexpected guests. Here, unexpected guests can register, complete questionnaires, and request access without personnel assistance. Expected guests can use the same kiosks to complete their arrival process with options for identity scanners and badge provisioning.

Integrating visitor management software and physical access control systems are also key to ensuring smooth on-site operations. Once integrated, administrators are able to provision visitor credentials with only the access permissions visitors need, limiting access to approved areas and managing compliance requirements based upon information provided during on-site or pre-registration. From a security perspective, this allows for greater visibility and situational awareness, providing a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on-site. Visitors also generally feel comfortable knowing they are provided with the exact access permissions they need at the time they needed it. 

Why: To Create a Secure and Efficient, Yet Welcoming Environment

As the volume of visitors, contractors, and vendors increase alongside physical security threats, enterprise operations may struggle to combine security processes with a positive visitor experience. Too much security and the facility comes across as a cold, unwelcoming fortress. Too much emphasis on the visitor experience and physical security processes fall by the wayside. Enterprise visitor management solutions help large organizations walk that line via a thoughtful combination of modern hardware and software solutions.

Large organizations can also take advantage of the unique efficiencies enterprise visitor management offers. Pre-registration and self-service kiosks reduce administrative burdens, leaving hosts to focus on the guests themselves rather than their associated processes. Lobby lines and wait times are similarly reduced, giving visitors the impression that the organization is efficient and values their time. Furthermore, with more growth, higher-levels of analytics become available, including attribute-based access and deeper integrations with other business systems for business intelligence applications beyond simply security. 

How: RightCrowd Visitor Management

RightCrowd Visitor Management provides security, facilities, and operations teams the tools to manage every type of visitor or contractor at every stage of their visit. This enterprise visitor management solution ensures that only approved visitors and contractors can gain access to your site with automated pre-registration, site inductions, NDAs, contactless kiosks, and other peripherals. The solution streamlines visitor management process across the enterprise while removing many of the cumbersome, manual process once associated with visitor management.  RightCrowd Visitor Management also integrates with Physical Access Control, Active Directory, HR, ERP, and other systems to automate various processes that ultimately improve safety, security and compliance in an organization.

To find out more about RightCrowd Enterprise Visitor Management please contact us.