A New Approach to Managing Physical Access Rights

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A New Approach to Managing Physical Access Rights

Many workers have fundamentally changed how often they go into the office. Brought on by working from home arrangements, this trend has forced HR, facilities and security managers to reconsider how they keep their people safe, and how they deliver secure and compliant physical access to their workers, visitors and contractors. 

This article examines the challenges of manual access management processes for hybrid work arrangements and how RightCrowd solutions can help. 

Hybrid working is here to stay

The hybrid model of working implies that some workers will come into the office regularly, but not every day. Many hybrid teams and employees are now working in the office one week and at home the next. Alternatively, they might only access the office as required for meetings, training, or projects. 

It requires that a worker is enabled with appropriate physical access to do their job, for the period they wIt requires that a worker is enabled with appropriate physical access to do their job, for the period they will be in the office. It follows that when those workers are not in the office, their physical access should not be active to maintain safety and security. 

This can be challenging for Security Operations teams who often rely on manual requests to make user access changes. So, over the last 2 years, many workers and contractors will have maintained full access privileges to secure facilities, assets and intellectual property, when in fact they didn’t need access at all. 

This is what we call Access Chaos

Hybrid work arrangements are pushing companies to consider the implementation of least-privilege physical access, and modern physical identity and access management platforms to get back in control of identity lifecycle management.  

Why? Many organizations continue to face strict safety, security and compliance obligations as they relate to access management, and failure to comply and enforce policies can lead to fines, loss of certification or loss of contracts. 

Access Chaos is too big to be ignored.

Optimize Workplace Safety, Security and Compliance

RRightCrowd can give your people the flexibility of hybrid workplace access, while keeping it easy to manage safety, security and compliance.  

To find out more download our Free Hybrid Workplace Access Checklist to get you back in control of workplace access.  

  1. Start with Visibility of Physical Access 
    Gain a complete view of physical access across your facilities, offices and leased spaces regardless of the underlying security systems with RightCrowd Access Analytics.  
  1. Get in Control of Physical Access 
    RightCrowd Workforce Access allows your organization to establish an efficient and secure way to update your employee’s and contractor’s physical access without creating an unmanageable administrative burden, or compromising security and compliance. 
  1. Manage visitors wherever they are in your workplace 
    RightCrowd Visitor Management creates personalized visitor management for every type of guest site with inductions, NDAs, contactless kiosks, security wearables and seamless integration with Physical Access Control. 

In 2023, managing physical access has gotten more complex and industry leaders are using RightCrowd’s solutions to respond to new safety and security requirements and improve compliance across their workplace. 

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