Our History

Leading the development of physical security, safety and compliance software since 2004.

RightCrowd, was formed in 2004 to develop a software suite to help organizations ensure they had the right people, in the right place at the right time. This was achieved by linking physical security access control systems together with HR and IT systems.

RightCrowd believes that the people on your site are your greatest responsibility.

They must be safe, secure and in compliance with your organization’s policies and procedures. This applies to workers, contractors, visitors and assets before they enter, while they are on site, and upon exiting. It is imperative that everyone is known, authorized, accredited and accounted for at all times.

Key to this is RightCrowd’s solutions that automate the processes that control who wants access to site, why they want it and who approves that access, before they arrive on site.

RightCrowd completed the first phase of development and deployed the solution at several key military installations.

In 2006, RightCrowd was acquired by a leading software start-up in the Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance market to extend their suite to incorporate physical security compliance and just several months later the combined entity was acquired again by SAP.

This was a major strategic acquisition that formed the foundation of a $1b investment in the creation of SAP’s Governance, Risk and Compliance division. For 18 months, the RightCrowd team drove SAP’s global physical security convergence strategy, validating the emerging physical security convergence market.

In 2007, RightCrowd, was ‘spun-out’ of SAP, along with its intellectual property, to enable the commercialization of the Company's physical security convergence software products.

Once this phase was successfully completed, RightCrowd IPO’d to raise capital to support the growing demand for the Company’s products and to fully commercialize the product suite.

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