Achieving Regulatory Compliance


Achieving regulatory


This customer is a large multinational Financial Services company with over 20,000 employees, operating globally. Regulatory compliance was non-negotiable and breaches result in fines and substantial reputational damage.

With a growing compliance burden and a myriad of disparate business systems, the company needed to reduce the overhead of audits and reporting, while improving operational compliance. Employee life cycle management failures had resulted in a number of adverse audit findings and needed management to sustainably solve these issues.
The customer was looking for a flexible application that could provide accurate, up-to-date reporting across business and physical security systems.


Our solution

Best-of-breed security reporting platform to accurately deliver audit and compliance needs.
RightCrowd Access Analytics flexibly ingests security data from any system. By correlating against HR data, user access can be reliably compiled across every connected system. The health of user access can be accurately reported for audit and compliance reporting purposes.
Continuously monitor and improve compliance outcomes.
The RightCrowd solution allowed the security team to monitor adverse findings from previous audits and user access to critical security systems. The system allowed the security team to compile a user access baseline and monitor the impact of business process improvements. The system allowed the security team to analyse, monitor and compare the health of user access between regional teams.
Reduce the overhead of user access reporting.
The RightCrowd solution was deployed and tested with consultation with the customer’s IT and security team. Best-practice reports were deployed initially to meet standard requests, which were then improved with business input over time.


RightCrowd was chosen because it makes routine access compliance reporting easy. It provides a cost effective way to generate standard information quickly and accurately.
Improved compliance outcomes
Proactively analyse, fix and monitor critical compliance issues with accurate, near-real-time user access information.
Improved system security
Team leaders, applications owners and leadership can easily perform access attestation and manage inappropriate access.
Proactively manage compliance and security
Identify and fix user access issues before they land on an audit report.
Operational improvement
Significantly reduced the time and cost of providing user access reporting.