Enhance Your Lobby Productivity


Enhance your
lobby productivity


This well-known organization is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has thousands of staff on-site, who are visited by an array of vendors, contractors, and staff from other parts of the company domestically and internationally.

With dedicated reception staff, the lobby also became the handling point for a range of site access issues and general enquiries. Unpredictable traffic volumes resulted in long queues, and the subsequent delays impacted worker productivity at every level of the organization.
The company was looking for a way to improve lobby productivity, that ensured entry compliance and enhanced the overall experience for visitors and employees.


Our solution

Efficiently manage large visitor volumes and improve experience.
RightCrowd delivered a customised Visitor Pre-registration portal, that enabled staff to schedule visitors, including the selection of nationality and access required. Once registered, a visit confirmation email is sent to each visitor with visit details and a link to view a site induction video and non-disclosure agreements (NDA). The visitor would acknowledge that they had watched and understood the video and sign the NDA.
Many different visitor types, with different security and compliance requirements.
RightCrowd issued each visitor a confirmation email with a QR code that was scanned on a kiosk in the lobby. Their code determined the authentication process and notified the host once complete. Building access badges are provided to visitors entering high security areas, which require a double swipe for the visitor to enter.
Improve lobby productivity and remove worker delays.
RightCrowd delivered enhanced reporting, which enabled a forward view of the number of visitors scheduled to adjust staffing as required. RightCrowd also delivered kiosks enabled with peripherals for identity scanners, cameras, label printing and badge provision.


The company selected RightCrowd Visitor Management because of its proven track record operating at corporate scale with peer-group companies. RightCrowd also provided a deep integration with the company’s physical access control system, an intuitive user experience, kiosk options and additional features that would reduce the workload for reception staff.
Efficient lobby operations
Staff can organize visits directly, and visitors can check themselves in from a QR code on an email invitation, requiring no or minimal involvement from reception staff.
Big group, no problem
Groups of visitors can be processed in bulk by hosts and checked in by group coordinators.
Remove the queue
The visitor self-service kiosk takes visitors’ photos and prints visitor labels directly.
Safety, security and compliance
RightCrowd won’t allow a visitor to enter without all of their pre-entry requirements having been completed.