Improve Your Visitor Experience


Improve your
visitor experience


This organization has a sprawling complex of studios, office buildings, production lots, and parking complexes in California. In addition to accommodating over 3,500 staff, it hosts a huge volume of visitors daily, ranging from actors, extras, contractors, studio audience guests, and tourists.

The client uses a best-of-breed physical access control system for site access. There are multiple areas across the complex where visitors can enter and be processed. Access to each area of the overall site is controlled by the access control system.
With dedicated security staff at each entry point, those areas also became the handling point for a range of site access issues and unique security threats. Unpredictable traffic volumes resulted in long queues, and the subsequent delays impacted productivity at every level of the facility.


Our solution

Many different visitor types, enhance the overall experience and improve efficiency.
RightCrowd Visitor Management enables a customized entry experience for every visitor type. Visitors are able to be pre-registered in advance and complete their specific inductions, non-disclosure agreements NDAs and clearance requirements off-site. Parking can also be seamlessly allocated for vendors and VIPs.
Maintain site security and prevent prohibited people from gaining entry.
RightCrowd Kiosks enable simplified identify authentication, and coupled with ‘do not enter’ lists, prohibited people can be quickly identified and denied entry. This solution enables security staff to respond appropriately in a timely manner.
Efficiently manage large groups and meet security requirements.
Large groups and audiences can be seamlessly pre-registered and inducted in advance of their visit. They are provided with an automated email advising of their entry gate, with a QR code attached. They simply scan their QR code, then their ID at a kiosk, and they can be authenticated and admitted.


The client selected RightCrowd Visitor Management because of its intuitive user experience, proven track record in supporting distributed sites, and its deep integration with the access control and other security systems.
Remove the queue
Visitors experience shorter processing and entry queues, which improves productivity.
Efficient security operations
Features such as printing visitor and parking badges or processing and entering a visitor in a single action further improve visitor processing.
Safety, security and compliance
Features such as driver’s license/passport scanning improve visitor authentication, and easy access to visitors’ previous visits improve security staff’s ability to spot potential problem visitors.
Big group, no problem
Groups of visitors can be processed in bulk by hosts and checked in by group coordinators.