Managing COVID-19 Risks in the Resources Industry at Anglo America


Managing COVID-19 Risks
in the Resources Industry at
Anglo American

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Anglo American is a LSE listed?multinational?mining company with headquarters in?London, England. It is the world’s largest producer of?platinum, as well as being a major producer of?diamonds,?copper,?nickel,?iron ore?and?metallurgical?and?thermal coal.
The company has operations in?Africa,?Asia,?Australia,?Europe,?North America?and?South America. Having established a risk-based Covid Management Plan the Company clearly understood the operational risks to its global workforce.
RightCrowd was selected to deliver its class-leading digital contact tracing solution for their offices across Europe, Africa and India to help keep its international operations running.


Anglo American is a leading global mining company and its products are the essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life. Its portfolio of world-class mining operations provides many future-enabling metals and minerals for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world and that meet the fast growing every day demands of billions of consumers.
With people at the heart of its business, it uses innovative practices and technologies to discover new resources and to mine, process, move and market future-enabling products to its customers – safely and sustainably.
As a responsible producer its Sustainable Mining Plan commits it to a series of goals to ensure it works towards a healthy environment, creating thriving communities and building trust as a corporate leader. It works together with its people, partners and stakeholders to unlock enduring value from precious natural resources for the benefit of the communities and countries in which it operates.

Demand driving the need for
operational continuity

Across every aspect of its business, Anglo American thinks innovatively about how it works to ensure the safety of its people and deliver industry-leading returns. Its global offices provide a range of group-wide practices and corporate functions to support achieving those objectives.
Bart Vansevenant, General Manager New Products with RightCrowd noted that ‘With global demand staying strong for its products, management recognised early that Covid-19 represented a major operational risk and set about establishing a hierarchy of controls, that included digital contact tracing’.


James Evans, Project Manager, Anglo American said ‘global demand has highlighted how critical our people are in meeting our production aspirations. It is very difficult if we lose whole teams across our global offices. This technology will help us rapidly identify exposed people and implement our Covid Management Procedures. If we can keep people safe, then we can keep our global operations running’.
Anglo American went through a rigorous technical and operational evaluation of a number of competing solutions. ‘The contact tracing application was beyond anything else that we had seen in terms of simplicity of use, depth of reporting and integration capabilities.’
Mr. Evans continues ‘we like the form factor of the Badgeholder because it fits very comfortably into a corporate environment’.
He further noted ‘we all use building access cards already and you can’t get into the building without badging in today. So having something that leveraged that, was easy for our people to accept because it was already part of our practice’.
The RightCrowd Badgeholder collects close contact information and feeds it to a secure database. The Company chose to ensure privacy of workers was protected and that personal data could not be exposed. The contact tracing application can complete days of manual work in seconds, allowing the Covid Management Team to rapidly and accurately contact exposed people.
Mr. Evans said ‘the deployment was very easy, we wanted to get something in quickly, we had everything up and running within a week of gear arriving onsite’.
Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing Solution


The major impact is that exposed people are identified rapidly and their health can be looked after as a priority. Previously the Company would have been forced to remove whole teams, with huge impacts across operations. Mr. Evans noted that ‘health and safety is part of our operating model, and RightCrowd Contact Tracing helps us keep our people safe and our operations running’.
This is why Anglo American chose RightCrowd:
Keep people safe and critical teams operational
Fast, accurate close contact reporting
Fast deployment
Additional health and safety use cases such as evacuation management