Protecting Your Secure Areas


Protecting your
secure areas


This world-renowned research & development facility operates with a single large campus. On site every day are a mix of full-time and part-time employees, contractors, vendors and public visitors. With research projects ranging across health, aviation and military applications, regulatory compliance and the security of intellectual property is crucial.

The facility contains a best-of-breed access control system, cameras and an integrated security management system. Yet with a flexible workforce knowing who should and shouldn’t be in secure areas was becoming problematic. In organizations like this, tenure guaranteed a person would have broad access based on historical approvals.
While traditional access control provides a base level of security, tailgating, badges being passed on, anonymous badges for contractors and visitors, and even falsified badges pose serious security, compliance or even safety risks.


Our solution

Two-factor authentication for physical security.
Badgeholder technology makes validating authorization easy and intuitive. It leverages the customers’ existing access badges, access control technology and adds an additional layer of security enabling the visual validation of authorized presence.
Enforce current security permissions into secure areas.
RightCrowd Presence Control can be flexibly configured and able to restrict presence in secure areas to a nominated subset of employees. The solution was configured to make presence rights conditional on the time of the day, so contractors in secure areas after hours were immediately visible.
Enforce visitor/host escort policies.
The solution also allowed visitors to be tethered to their host. If a guest strayed into secure areas, the host and security are immediately notified. The RightCrowd App further extends the functionality of the badgeholder. It allows employees to flag emergencies, security incidents or suspicious behavior.


RightCrowd Presence Control was selected because it introduces highly effective two factor authentication that could be flexibly deployed to secure areas only. The client selected the RightCrowd Badgeholder and App, with Visitor Management capability.
Security made visible
Users could see who was authorized to be in an area and were engaged in security.
Managing employees, visitors and contractors
Single platform to manage users, locations and zones and authorization rules for everyone on site.
Demonstrate compliance
Manage physical security risks, demonstrate compliance and provide auditable records.
Flexible configuration and installation
Leverages existing physical access control system (PACS) infrastructure with easily installed hardware at each entrance of a zone.