COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 Solutions

Get back to work
with confidence

Leverage your existing physical security infrastructure
to manage COVID-19 in your organization.


Keep your operations running

Leverage your physical security infrastructure to manage your return to the workplace.

RightCrowd can help implement your return to work protocols across your workers, visitors and facilities. Have confidence that only approved people can gain access to your site with inductions, contactless kiosks and health checks. The solution seamlessly integrates with your Physical Access Control system to enforce compliance.

Ensure that everyone is safe
to be in your workplace

Manage COVID-19 checks, site inductions and approvals
to ensure that every worker or visitor is safe and authorized to be back.
COVID-19 safe workplace
social distancing wearable

Wearables to make social distancing visible

Turn your existing security access card into a social distancing monitoring solution.

Rapid Contact Tracing
built for business

Quickly identify workers who have been
in contact with an infected person.
badgeholder against door card reader
touchless visitor ID verification

Contactless visitor and worker entry

Instant, contactless visitor and contractor verification in one easy to use handheld device.

Keep your workplace safe

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