For over 15 years, RightCrowd has put the customer first and ensured the product worked for them. To further bolster that approach as we have grown, our Customer Success division was created to:

  • Work with customers to ensure the value they are seeking is possible
  • Provide governance across all aspects of customer deployments
  • Serve as an escalation point in case of troublesome product or deployment issues
  • Drive continuous improvements for the aspects of our products and deployments that drive successful usage and value creation
  • Keep customers informed on our product direction and capture your feedback so we continue to deliver further value in the future
  • Ensure RightCrowd can continue to deliver further value and to grow as a partnership with our customers

Our Customer Success process spans the entire RightCrowd organization and ensures all of the people you might interact with, whether from Sales, Professional Services, Support or elsewhere at RightCrowd, are driven by the goal of customers being able to use RightCrowd products to the best of both their ability and any of the product’s capabilities.

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