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Is it time to upgrade to an Enterprise Visitor Management system?

As the volume of visitors, contractors, vendors starts to increase in your workplace, that off-the shelf VMS will again struggle to meet your safety, security and compliance requirements.
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Visitor management to meet your security and compliance needs.

Visitor self-service

Streamlined pre-registration and approval process tailored to every type of visitor.

Pre-arrival compliance

Inductions, NDAs, health checks, watch lists and alerts all checked before the visitor gains entry.

Flexible kiosk and mobile solutions

Self-service kiosks and peripherals to match business and visitor identification requirements.

Access control system integrated

Issue active credentials with approved access to lock in safety, security and compliance.

Enterprise scalability

Support local requirements and regulations with consistent approval, entry and exit processes.

Privacy and security

Configure the solution to meet local privacy requirements, and manage corporate security risks.

Evacuation management

Single record of everyone on site delivers consolidated emergency response reporting.

Compliance and auditing

Collect the visitor data required to prove the organization meets SOX, PCI, GDPR or ISO requirements

Advanced lobby management

Consolidated dashboard view of visitors due to arrive, on site, due to exit by location.


RightCrowd ensures the safety, security and compliance of visitors through your buildings and facilities.
Have confidence that only approved visitors can gain access to your site with inductions, NDAs, contactless kiosks and peripherals. The solution seamlessly integrates with Physical Access Control and many enterprise systems, while giving your visitors the best experience.
RightCrowd Visitor Management System

Why choose RightCrowd Visitor Management?

Remove the Queue

You have unique requirements and we’ve got mobile, kiosk and pre-registration solutions to get people moving through your lobby.

Safety, Security and Compliance

It’s a balancing act, so you need a comprehensive solution that pushes the right inductions, captures the right details and notifies the right people.

Efficient Lobby Operations

More visitors doesn’t mean more staff, with self-service options that automate routine tasks and remove the administration load from reception.

Be a Great Host

Self-service options allow employees to register visitors with personalized pre-entry compliance processes and be notified when their visitor has arrived.

Big Group, No Problem

Automated group pre-registration, personalized pre-entry compliance processes and exit procedures delivering efficiency and security.

Physical Access Control Integration

Complete integration with your physical access control system, so you have a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

17Years’ Experience

Your trusted partner in safety, security and compliance

About RightCrowd:

RightCrowd (ASX: RCW / OTCQB: RCWDF) is a global provider of safety, security and compliance solutions that manage the access and presence of people. Combined with our long-standing alliances with major security and business systems vendors, our award-winning solutions have helped organizations of all sizes to redefine their security and compliance programs, delivering improved outcomes, at lower cost.

Trusted by the world’s most respected companies, we have successful deployments in industries covering healthcare, critical infrastructure, resources, technology, manufacturing and financial services.