Hybrid Workplace Access


The best Hybrid Workplaces run RightCrowd

​RightCrowd offers your security and facilities teams solutions to ensure every worker has safe, secure and compliant access every time they are in the workplace.

Hybrid Workplace

The future of workplace access is, Hybrid

The flexible model of working implies that some workers will be able to choose when they come into the office. Flexible work arrangements allow employees to access the office as required for meetings, training, or projects.

The model requires that a worker is enabled with appropriate physical access to do their job, for the period they will be in the office. It follows that when those workers are not in the office, their physical access should be revoked for safety, security and compliance reasons.​


RightCrowd integrates with capacity, desk-booking and building management systems, as well as delivering Contact Tracing solutions.


RightCrowd ensures that workers can only access areas that match their role, training, roster and company policies.


RightCrowd enforces safety, security and compliance policies, while providing evidence to meet regulatory requirements locally.

Did you know, 83% of employees would prefer to work in a hybrid workplace?

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Hybrid Workplace Access Checklist

Start with visibility

Gain a complete view of physical access across your facilities, offices and leased spaces regardless of the underlying security systems with RightCrowd Access Analytics.

Identify insider threats

Detect inappropriate physical access based on people, roles, policy and locations.

Accurate access control data

Ensure that physical access control system permissions are appropriate, accurate and authorized.

Get in control of workforce access

RightCrowd Workforce Access allows your organization to establish an efficient and secure way to update your employees and contractors physical access without creating an unmanageable administrative burden, or compromising security and compliance.

Enforce safety, security & compliance

Ensure that workers can only access areas that match their role, training, roster and policies.

Dynamic workforce access

Integrate corporate systems to ensure that changes to the business are automatically reflected in workforce access permissions.

Manage visitors everywhere

RightCrowd Visitor Management creates personalized visitor management for every type of guest site with inductions, NDAs, contactless kiosks, security wearables and seamless integration with Physical Access Control.

Safe, secure & compliant visitors

Deliver inductions, screening, access and notifications tailored to every type of visitor, vendor or VIP.

Make visitors visible

Ensure that every authorized visitor, vendor or VIP is visible to everyone present.

Make access permissions visible

RightCrowd Presence Control leverages existing building access cards and adds a RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder, enabling both human and automated validation of security permissions, access compliance and contact tracing for everyone present.

Visual authorization

Validate access permissions and compliance by making them visible to everyone present.

Presence reporting

Flexible access zone reporting by person or date that feeds into occupancy or building management systems.

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