Modern Access Analytics

Physical Access Systems in sync with your business

Map, measure and monitor inappropriate physical access permissions, and gain proactive visibility of access compliance risk and security anomalies.

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Get visibility of inappropriate physical access​

RightCrowd Access Analytics instantly identifies people with inappropriate access to security systems, leased buildings, corporate facilities, and critical areas regardless of the technology mix in place.

Get in control of Access Chaos

Accurate access control data

Ensure that physical access control system permissions are appropriate, accurate and authorized.

Identify insider threats

Detect inappropriate physical access based on people, roles, policy and locations.

Control compliance

Identify access compliance failures and ensure that improvements can be monitored and reported.

Identity insights

Gain visibility of identity anomalies, expired access permissions, duplicate cards, access for terminated staff and more.

Enhance security operations

Easily investigate access management errors and non-compliance to enhance security programs.

Data driven security

Monitor security program enhancements improving resource allocation and mitigating liability risk.

Did you know, 90% of physical access control systems contain out-of-date access permissions​?

Identities and access rights are not kept in sync with people and business systems. Updates depend on error-prone manual processes.

Get in control of Access Chaos

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1. Map It – Start with Visibility of Physical Access

Advanced analytics software can connect from disparate systems, including Human Resources (HR), Active Directory (AD), Learning Management System (LMS) and Access Control Systems (PACS) solutions, and visualize them through one pane of glass.

The software wraps all relevant contextual data around each identity. What access does a given person have across all facilities? Which AD groups does that person belong to? What training courses did that person successfully pass? This is the foundation needed to accurately validate whether identities are in sync and access rights are set correctly.

2. Measure It – Identify Unauthorized Access

Translate safety, security and compliance policies into simple daily policy checks. Whether it is essential security controls like ensuring that no past employees still have active access, or internal safety policies that require certain certifications to access high-risk areas, you need this type of software to automate the identification of access compliance and security risks across your organization.

Daily notifications alert your personnel to outdated physical access data, unused badges, training requirements, potential compliance infractions and more. Access Chaos starts to disappear as you address these findings.

Measuring User Access Rights
Monitor User Access

3. Monitor It – Proactively Review Access

User access reviews are the best practice method to remove unnecessary access and to avoid access creep. Many organizations have implemented this best practice through manual spreadsheets. While better than nothing, this highly manual way of doing user access reviews is cumbersome and expensive.

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