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Security wearables for the new workplace

RightCrowd Presence Control leverages your existing building access card and enables both human and automated validation of security permissions and safety requirements for everyone present.

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Make physical access and presence visible

RightCrowd Presence Control introduces a new approach to managing physical security in the workplace. Our security wearables extend and reinforce traditional physical access control through applications that further reduce risk and improve safety in a way that was not possible before.

With traditional badges you cannot be sure that people around you are authorized to be there. There could be tailgaters, former employees with expired access rights, and others, any of whom could pose a threat. RightCrowd Presence Control makes authorized presence visible to everyone. It instantly establishes trust between co-workers, visitors and contractors without them actually having to know each other.

The digital badgeholders also provide several other unique applications that further reduce risk and improve safety in a way that was not possible before.

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Enabling unique security and safety applications

Visual authorization

Validate access permissions and compliance by making them visible to everyone.

Contact tracing

Turn existing building access cards into a real-time contact tracing wearable.

Host tethering

Ensure visitors respect your security access policies, and enforce host/escort policies by tethering visitors to their host.


Leverage mobile app questionnaire to grant or deny access based on responses and presence.

Evacuation management

Ensure everyone is accounted for in an emergency with mobile data collection and flexible mustering zones.

Presence reporting

Know who was present when and where by area and optionally feed data into occupancy or building management systems.

Are your facilities 70% empty?

Did you know that many organizations have 70% fewer people in their workplace?

Knowing who is authorized to be present today is critical in keeping people safe and your workplace secure and compliant.

Visitor and Guest Badges

Get in control of access risks

Tackle common access risks caused by tailgating, credential sharing, anonymous contractor badges and unhosted visitors. RightCrowd Badgeholders provide employees, contractors and visitors with a digital identity and an active credential that allows continuous visual validation that people are authorized to be present in that area at that time. People that do not comply with your security, safety and compliance requirements will instantly be visible to everyone else around them.

Create flexible hybrid workplaces

Hybrid working is here to stay. Organizations are changing their offices to accommodate this new way of working. New systems are rolled out for employees to request office and resource access. You can do all of this without sacrificing safety and security.

RightCrowd not only makes authorized presence visible, but it also provides real-time presence data to manage the capacity of your facilities.

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Enforce safety, security and compliance

Traditional physical access control solutions assume that access rights can statically be determined in advance. In reality, you have a myriad of safety, security and compliance policies that determine the conditions for someone to be present at a certain place and time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a continuous validation and that all those requirements were met by all people present?

Extend your security and health, safety and environment teams

Protecting the organizations should not just be the job of the physical security and HSE teams. What if you could extend your team and make every employee part of it?

By making safety and security visible, everyone on site will literally see whether the people around them belong. Empower your entire workforce to help protect your organization.

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Deployed within days, easy to use

Frictionless activation

Wearables can activate based on access control badging events or can automatically activate when you enter a zone based on proximity.

Minimal infrastructure required

The solution leverages your existing physical access control system (PACS) infrastructure. The only additional component needed is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) RightCrowd Gateway installed at each entrance of a zone. The software platform resides in the cloud.

Highly secure multifactor authentication

The solution uses cryptography to ensure authentication and encryption. Data is encrypted at all times both in transit and at rest.

Two-way communication

Our mobile application further extends the solution and allows end users to interact with the digital badgeholder. Check battery status, respond to questionnaires, see close contacts, and more.

Physical Access Control integration

Seamlessly integrates with your physical access control system to maintain one single repository of users and access rights.

Quick deployment

Digital badgeholders and gateways arrive pre-configured. Simply plug in the gateways and start using the solution.

To request further information, contact us via our web form.

Transform access control into presence control.
Visualize who belongs and who does not
Engage your entire workforce in protecting your organization
Ensure continuous validation that everyone on site is right
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