Modern Visitor Management

Manage every visitor, everywhere

Give your security, facilities and operations teams the tools to manage every type of visitor at every stage of the guest visit.

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Visitor Management Solution



The future of visitor management is visible

Manage your visitors, vendors and VIPs everywhere inside your buildings and facilities with RightCrowd Visitor Management.

The solution provides confidence that only approved visitors and contractors can gain access to your site.

Change the way you manage visitors

Seamless self-service

Create a self-service check-in experience personalised to the needs of every employee, guest and location.

Safe, secure & compliant visitors

Deliver inductions, screening, access and notifications tailored to every type of visitor, vendor or VIP.

Host tethering

Ensure that your hosts and security know where their visitors are in your facilities.

Make visitors visible

Ensure that every authorized visitor, vendor or VIP is visible to everyone present.

Instant notifications

Notify hosts and security when visitors arrive, enter unauthorized areas or are overdue to check-out.

Analytics & reporting

Deliver efficient lobby operations and ensure you have safe, secure and compliant visitors on every site.

Did you know, 87% of organizations have a digital visitor check-in system?

None of them know if their visitors are safe, secure and compliant after they leave the lobby.

visitor in lobby

Personalized visitor access

Ensure every visitor, vendor and VIP has secure and compliant access based on their visit location, access required, identity and more.

Empower safety, security and compliance

Easy self-service and automated tools to efficiently manage visitor invitations, approvals, check-ins and access.


Make authorized visitors visible

Leverage security wearables to deliver visitor or group tethering, access zone control and instant security and host notifications.

Scalable lobby operations

Automate routine security and visitor management tasks to improve service delivery and reduce operational costs.

visitor integrations

All your tools working seamlessly together

Integrate all your tools with RightCrowd for an efficient running workplace. From access control to external watchlists, RightCrowd helps connect your tools and automate your processes to improve safety, security and compliance in your organization.


Manage every type of visitor, at every stage of their visit

Streamlined lobby operations

Self-service invitations, approvals, inductions and kiosks remove the load from reception.

Personalised check-in process

Create check-in processes for every type of visitor with health status, NDAs, identification checks and access cards issued.

Secure locally, scale globally

Enforce safety, security and compliance policies, while meeting regulatory and language requirements locally.

Access control integration

Complete integration with your physical access control system, so you have a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

Manage visitors everywhere

Leverage RightCrowd Presence Control to ensure all visitors are tethered to their host and visible to everyone present.

Visitor reporting and compliance

Flexible visitor and security reporting to demonstrate safety, security and compliance on every site.

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