Modern Workforce Access

Safe, secure and compliant workplace access

Enhance your existing physical access control system to enforce company policies, safety rules and regulatory standards for worker and visitor

Workforce Access Management

Upgrade to attribute-based physical access control

Ensure that workers and visitors in every company location have appropriate physical access for the business policies, regulatory standards and safety requirements that apply to them.


Personalized Access Control

Create access control permissions to fit the needs of the company, location, person and role.

Seamless Policy Enforcement

Improve safety, security and compliance with automated physical access control rules.

workplace policy management

Did you know, 65% of workers need HYBRID access to your workplace?

Give every worker safe, secure and compliant access when they need it.

hybrid workplace entry
workforce access solution

Dynamic Access Administration

Policy and regulatory changes can be automatically provisioned and enforced across every worker and visitor.

Frictionless Lifecycle Management

Changes in status, role or location can be automatically provisioned across physical access permissions.

workplace induction access


Workforce access management features

Access Provisioning

Assign physical access rights to your premises by person, location, certification and time through the access control system.

Badge & Cardholder Management

Automate the management and renewal of new badges, expiring badges, lost badges and temporary badges.

Time On-Site Monitoring

Monitor all swipe in and out events and track how much time each worker physicall spent a their work area.

Competencies and Certifications

Ensure that only people who are trained, compliant and approved gain access to facilities.

Fatigue Management

Manage fatigue policy compliance and automatically flag breaches or prevent site access.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reduce risks with an automated system that randomly selects workers for drug and alcohol testing prior to site entry.

Evacuation Management

Deliver mustering point options to facilitate rapid evacuation headcount processing.

Access Revocation

Automatically remove the physical access rights of a worker at the appropriate date and time.

Health Checks

Keep your workplace COVID-19 safe with access approval workflows and pre-entry health checks.

Security and business systems working seamlessly together

Integrate your workplace systems with RightCrowd for an efficient workplace. From access control to Active Directory, RightCrowd helps connect your tools and automate your processes to improve safety, security and compliance in your organization.

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