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Get more out of your Physical Access Control System

RightCrowd Workforce Access automatically keeps your existing Physical Access Control System in sync with your business. It keeps cardholder data up to date, automates access workflows and updates access levels based on your security policies, safety rules and compliance requirements.

Workforce Access

Upgrade to attribute-based physical access control

Pre-defining physical access in a static way puts your organization at risk. Switch to dynamic access decisions based on contextual data from your people and business systems.

Get in control of physical access, safety and compliance

Remove error-prone manual processes

Automate on-boarding, badge management, access requests, access audits, off-boarding, and many more access control processes.

Enforce security, safety and compliance requirements

Automatically set or remove access rights based on local policies for each of your sites.

Enable self-service

Allow visitors to (pre-)register, staff to request access to another building, and employees to request a temporary badge.

Make access control dynamic

Replace pre-defined static access permissions by with dynamic attribute-based access control rules that set and remove access based on data from relevant systems.

Ensure everyone on site is right

Automatically apply access control rules for every person that enters your sites, regardless of whether they are an employee, a contractor or a visitor.

Go into your next audit with confidence

Keep full audit trails of all cardholder and access levels changes, and automate periodic access audits.

Did you know, 65% of workers need hybrid access to your workplace?

Give every worker safe, secure and compliant access when they need it.

Cardholder Management - Physical Access Control Software

Automate the life cycle management of cardholders and their credentials

Your workforce changes every single day. New employees are on-boarded, others change roles or move to other locations, and at some point staff leaves the organization. Contractors and visitors need to be registered and often need physical access for a specific period of time.

RightCrowd Workforce Access includes software modules to automatically handle joiners, movers and leavers, to streamline the process of requesting and replacing access badges (or other credential types), to self-request access and related approval workflows, and to manage visitors and contractors. Our software ensures that your Physical Access Control System remains in sync at all times.

Enforce security, safety and health policies continuously

Many industries have strict safety, health and security requirements that need to be checked before access is granted. From a mandatory safety induction video or NDA, to required certifications or random screenings, to time spent on site, these requirements need to be enforced to both protect people and ensure compliance.

RightCrowd Workforce Access includes software modules to automatically manage time-on-site constraints related to fatigue management, to enforce random drug and alcohol tests, to validate training, certification or medical requirements, and to streamline mustering in case of an evacuation. This ensures that access will be denied if those requirements are not met through our integration with your Physical Access Control System.

cardholder management dashboard
workforce compliance

Support audit and compliance requirements

Both best practices and industry standards dictate that all physical access permissions and changes to those permissions are stored and available for audit purposes. It is not sufficient to know who has access to what. You also need to know why certain access levels were granted, and who approved it, especially for high-risk areas.

RightCrowd Workforce Access software keeps full audit trails of all changes to both cardholder identities and access levels. Our software suite also includes a module that automates access audit and attestation. With RightCrowd you are ready for an audit any day.

All your systems working seamlessly together

Integrate all systems relevant for making good access decisions with RightCrowd. From Physical Access Control, over Active Directory and HR, to Learning Management and ERP, RightCrowd helps connect your systems and automate your processes to improve safety, security and compliance in your organization.


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Streamline employee, contractor and visitor access processes with RightCrowd.
Automate cardholder and access level changes and workflows
Enforce security, safety and compliance policies
Keep a complete audit trail of access level changes
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