A major NYC convention center faced a significant emergency management challenge: how could they be sure that all employees, contractors and visitors are safe in an emergency. With a constantly varying number of contractors provided by multiple contract labor suppliers, making sure that only authorized people are present was an on going challenge.

Each night, contract labor suppliers would fax across a list of contractors for the next day. The safety team would manually check each list to confirm that that contractor was authorized to be on site. The check in process could result in significant delays, which impacted cost and productivity.

In the event of an emergency, determining that employees and daily contractors are safely out of the facility was a major challenge. Manually printing out a daily roster of daily contractors from the different staffing sources meant that safety personnel would need to check multiple lists to locate and check off that a daily contractor was safely outside at a muster point.

The result was that the information available to first responders was incomplete, they couldn’t identify where people were at risk and where they should focus their resources. They needed a solution.


RightCrowd Evacuation Management was selected because it eliminated any need for user behavioral change and replaced their manual processes with an automated solution.

Each night, the labor suppliers upload the roster of daily contractors.  With automated data entry, check in delays and long lines have been virtually eliminated. Last minute substitutions are now properly accounted for, so the roster of daily contractors is always up to date.

Users simply wear their assigned IDs so that they are clearly visible and are automatically accounted for as they pass select checkpoints or turnstiles. The system’s passive design eliminates the worry of having to replace or recharge batteries in order for users to be located.

RightCrowd Evacuation Management was designed from the ground up to provide first responders accurate personnel location data during an emergency. During an emergency event, RightCrowd Evacuation Management provides accurate real-time information on who may still be inside and where they were last known location. There is no need to manually tap or swipe, users simply evacuate. Fire wardens can check in any user that the system may have missed.

First responders can use real-time information to coordinate rescue operations, allowing them to focus resources on the areas with greatest risk to life safety.


RightCrowd Evacuation Management increases personnel life safety during emergency events by providing real-time updates as to who and where people may still be remaining inside.

Emergency staff have been freed up to do more real on-the-ground work as well as monitoring and implementing emergency management measures.

Flexible deployment options allow the solution to expand and cover many installation scenarios.

Improved personnel life safety with accurate real-time head count, safer evacuations and improved emergency response.