This customer is a large integrated energy and chemicals company with over 50,000 employees, operating in 20 countries. The customer’s workforce management and site access processes were largely manual and resulted in significant inefficiency. These processes were particularly problematic during major maintenance events.  Shutdowns require the mobilization of large numbers of contractors for defined periods and worker compliance and site access needs to be efficiently managed.

This company needed to reduce the overhead of processing workforce access administration, while maintaining operational security and making these processes responsive to business requirements. The customer also wanted to incorporate best-of-breed technologies to achieve its objectives.

The internal demand for transforming its workforce management processes was substantial.


RightCrowd brought deep domain knowledge of the customer’s physical access control system, and also provided a fresh approach to tackling these challenges. RightCrowd was engaged to deliver Workforce Management functionality, Contractor Management, Visitor Management and Advanced Reporting.

The solution simplified the process of capturing a new starter’s photo, cropping it appropriately, and adding it to their cardholder record. The solution automatically assigns role and competency-based site access from the LMS and SAP. Required medical and induction processes are also facilitated as part of the enrolment process. Biometric data can also be captured and enrolled onto the access card at this time as described in more detail above. Some access privileges can be based on competencies or inductions that the cardholder has attained or completed. A range of access card layouts can be created using a variety of relevant fields and stored by the solution, then later selected when new cards are issued.

The RightCrowd solution was deployed and tested with consultation with the customer’s IT and security team and the access control system vendor, ensuring that all security standards and testing protocols used by the customer for internally deployed applications were adhered to.


Significantly enhanced security and control of all workers, contractors and visitors through an integration with the customer’s core business and security systems.

Enhanced security, monitoring, and control of cardholders and associated activity with reduced effort and expense via advanced workflow and process automation.

Empowering security guards to offer more efficient and timely services to support business operations.

Significantly reduced the time and cost of inducting and mobilizing workers compliantly.