This organization has a sprawling complex of studios, office buildings, production lots, and parking complexes in California. In addition to accommodating over 3,500 staff, it hosts a huge volume of visitors daily, ranging from actors, extras, contractors, studio audience guests, and tourists. The client uses a best-of-breed physical access control system for site access. There are multiple areas across the complex where visitors can enter and be processed. Access to each area of the overall site is controlled by the access control system.

With dedicated security staff at each entry point, those areas also became the handling point for a range of site access issues and unique security threats. Unpredictable traffic volumes resulted in long queues, and the subsequent delays impacted productivity at every level of the facility.

The company was looking for a way to improve visitor entry, that ensured security and enhanced the overall experience.


The client selected RightCrowd Visitor Management because of its intuitive user experience, proven track record in supporting distributed sites, and the features that automated their unique requirements. RightCrowd’s solution also provided deep integration with the access control and other security systems.

RightCrowd Visitor Management enabled the client to schedule visits in advance, speeding visitor entry, but also enabling more efficient processing of unscheduled visitors, resulting in the addition and entry of a visitor in a single pass. Authentication and capturing of visitor details can be captured automatically from a scan of the visitor’s driver’s license or passport. Many visitors would have previously visited, and RightCrowd’s solution enabled details about a visitor from their previous visits to be automatically entered, further speeding up processing time and providing additional information about the visitor’s previous activity to security staff. The process of changing or canceling scheduled visits was also significantly streamlined.

The solution also streamlined parking, including the ability to print a visitor’s entry pass and parking pass in a single operation. A tool was provided to the client to enable them to easily lay out the design of visitor and parking passes. It supports multiple variations of each, to accommodate, for example, parking authorization in different lots for varying time durations.


Visitors experience shorter processing and entry queues, which improves productivity.

Features such as printing visitor and parking badges or processing and entering a visitor in a single action further improve visitor processing.

Features such as driver’s license/passport scanning improve visitor authentication, and easy access to visitors’ previous visits improve security staff’s ability to spot potential problem visitors.

Groups of visitors can be processed in bulk by hosts and checked in by group coordinators.