For this client, the staffing required to manage lost/forgotten badges efficiently is difficult to predict and highly irregular. This lobby would require triple normal staffing to quickly process forgotten or lost access cards on Monday mornings from 7-9 AM, then double normal staffing other mornings during this time. This problem was aggravated when there were a large number of contractors or seasonal workers not used to carrying their access cards with them at all times.

The client had tried to speed up this process by issuing standard “general access” temporary access cards to staff who forget their regular cards, but found they made staff less efficient as they couldn’t readily access all of the areas of the site they needed to perform their duties.

This client was looking for a more effective way to provide the service and reduce the operational cost to the business at the same time.


RightCrowd has developed a self-service kiosk for lost and misplaced access cards. Using the kiosk is simple, intuitive, and secure. Using an embedded touchscreen ,the employee can log in using their employee credentials. Once authenticated, the kiosk can then dispense a site access card to the employee with access privileges matching those of their regular card. The employee’s regular card is automatically deactivated at this time to ensure the lost/forgotten card is not used by someone else.

If the employee indicates their card was forgotten, the newly issued card is only activated for 24 hours (or until the end of that day, depending on configuration), and their original card is only temporarily deactivated. When the employee arrives at the lobby the following morning, they can authenticate themselves using their temporary card, then return this card into the kiosk. At this time, their original badge will be reactivated.

As a result of its deep integration with the physical access control system, RightCrowd is able to replicate an employee’s or contractor’s access card privileges in near real-time. RightCrowd is able to authenticate an employee or contractor via their system access credentials through an integration into the organization’s LDAP system. RightCrowd’s bridging of the physical access control and IT business system domains makes this automated functionality possible.

By using the RightCrowd self-service kiosk, security staffing at reception can be significantly reduced, particularly during peak periods and employees can be provisioned with new badges much faster. These same kiosks can be used to automatically process visitors using RightCrowd’s Self-Service Visitor Management kiosk software.


  • Complete automation of processing of lost or forgotten access cards for employees and contractors, reducing the need for additional temporary reception staffing
  • Number of kiosks can be scaled to reduce queues during busy visitor periods
  • Secure authentication of employees and contractors using their regular system login credentials, supplemented by challenge questions
  • Employees and contractors receive temporary or replacement access cards with the same access privileges as their original cards
  • Same kiosks can be used for staff who forget or lose their access cards
  • Complete integration with your enterprise’s physical access control system in order to ensure records about temporary or replacement cards are properly synchronized and audited
  • Reports regarding the use of temporary access cards to replace lost/forgotten cards can be created by employee/contractor or department for billing purposes