This digital financial technology company operates in over 100 countries and with exponential growth had leased open plan office spaces in major cities. With fashionable high-end fit outs, these offices are designed to provide collaborative, inviting spaces to attract to top talent and customers.

Their employees don’t have an assigned desk with lockable storage. The work spaces are designed to facilitate activities which require frequent communication, yet the company recognized that there were significant security risks around tailgating, visual hacking, and device or document theft.

The building has a best-of-breed access control system, but with rapid expansion, office layouts needed to be flexible and a continued large investment in security doors was not preferred. They were looking for a flexible solution, that would expand with them and provide visible security to everyone inside the perimeter.


RightCrowd Presence Control was selected because it introduces simple yet highly effective visual authorization and could be easily deployed. The client selected the RightCrowd Badgeholder and App, with Visitor Management capability.

Badgeholder technology makes validating authorization easy and intuitive. It leverages the customers’ existing access badges and adds an additional layer of security enabling both human and automated validation of authorized presence. A person’s authority to be in an area is immediately visible. RightCrowd Presence Control can be flexibly configured and able to restrict presence in secure areas to a nominated subset of employees. The solution was configured to make presence rights conditional on the time of the day, so contractors in secure areas after hours were immediately visible.

The solution also allowed visitor to be tethered to their host. If a guest strayed into secure areas, the host and security were immediately notified.

The RightCrowd App further extends the functionality of the badgeholder. It allows employees to flag emergencies, security incidents or suspicious behavior.


Users could see who was authorized to be in an area and were engaged in security.

Single platform to manage users, locations and zones and authorization rules for everyone on site.

Deployed a simple and effective method to manage physical security risks.

Leverages existing PACS infrastructure with easily installed hardware at each entrance of a zone.