This leading Community College’s Facilities Management Group oversees the on-going status of over 10,000 assets. These assets represent a wide range of valuable items including servers, scientific equipment, trolleys, artwork, medical equipment and cellular phones. Many of these assets are available for students and staff to use off campus on loan.

Despite frequent inventory audits, assets still go missing and worse the records pertaining to assets were also misplaced or missing. This was a recurring issue that cost the college a substantial amount of money to replace the missing assets each year. Though there are many security cameras on site, trying to locate video footage without a specific location and time range as to what assets went missing from what area, was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After years of recurring asset shrinkage and an unsuccessful deployment of an automated system, a Leading Community College was faced with having to continue to spend more money to regularly replace missing assets.


RightCrowd Asset Tracking was selected because it provided a flexible asset protection system providing an accurate real-time status update of all protected assets, that can be linked to other assets or people. The solution automatically identifies and accounts for every asset that has entered or exited a protected area without the need for manual scanning.

RightCrowd’s Asset Tracking dramatically simplifies the process of determining where assets are at all times. The Campus Security team can instantly see if an asset is in/out  by reviewing the dashboard.  Assets are automatically detected as they enter or leave a protected area.

Administrators can pair an asset with a person and automatically be alerted should that pairing be broken. “Accidental” departures of assets assigned to specific users by anyone besides the authorized user immediately trigger an alert as that asset (to indicate potential theft) or assigned user (to indicate potential leave behind) separately passes any checkpoint.

In addition to triggering an alert, the integration with the Community College’s Video Management System brings up the video images of security cameras in that vicinity so Campus Security can take immediate action (to detain a suspect or inform authorized user that they forgot something). Asset shrinkage has been virtually eliminated since the system was implemented.


Detect assets as they pass critical checkpoints in the facility, with no scanning or swiping to check in/ check out an asset.

Automatic update of the location and status of any asset, improving security at lower cost.

Assets can be paired with other equipment and/or people, to maintain the chain of custody.

Security systems integration improves incident response, regulatory compliance and asset management.