This multinational technology company was used to reinventing industries and with important trade secrets to protect, security was critical to its success. The unintended result of their heightened security posture was that it was drowning in the administrative overhead it produced. And the problem was growing.

This company needed to reduce the overhead of workforce access administration, while strengthening security and making the overall process more nimble and responsive to employee, contractor, and visitor requirements.

It wanted its security staff to focus on protecting its people and assets rather than processing paperwork. And it wanted its key managers and staff to maintain total focus on the company’s customers rather than having to deal with processing security authorization changes, forgotten badges, visit requests, and workforce security administrative tasks.

The internal demand for rapidly turning around an ever increasing workforce administration burden was building.


The solution’s functionality includes streamlined access management processes by using data from the customer’s identity & HR management systems to trigger requests, de-provisioning of badges for separated staff and contractors, requests for access level changes, many coming directly from the staff members, which trigger workflow approvals, a self-service process for staff to request replacement badges when their badges are lost or forgotten, and pre-registering visitors and processing these visitors upon arrival.

RightCrowd has also implemented some advanced solutions including one which processes access requests for highly secure areas, using a separate, highly secure workflow process and separate approval process, auditing for access levels which were issued a long time ago, and several other highly secure solutions.

The RightCrowd solution also includes configurable dashboards which show a customized view of world-wide security activity and people movements, with exceptions flagged, enabling security staff to quickly spot anomalies and also easily trace who’s been where when.

The RightCrowd solution was deployed and tested with consultation from the customer’s internal security team, ensuring that all security standards and testing protocols used by the customer for internally deployed applications were closely adhered to.


Digitally transformed workforce access management processes to support a growing organization.

The solution is robust and scalable, operating world-wide at hundreds of locations, processing several million workflows per year, and monitoring over a hundred million events.

Security staff have been freed up to do more real on-the-ground security work as well as monitoring and implementing security breach preventative measures.

Enhancing operational productivity by empowering users and integrated disconnected systems to speed up transaction processing.