Presence Control

RightCrowd Presence Control

Wearables to make safety & security visible

Leverage your existing building access card to create a
safe and more secure workplace.


Presence Control, Your Next Layer of Security

Make authorized physical access and presence visible.

Introduce a simple new approach to managing physical access and safety requirements by making them visible. The solution leverages your existing building access card and adds a RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder, enabling both human and automated validation of safety and security permissions for everyone present.

Ensure that everyone is authorized to be there

Make company policy and regulatory compliance visible to
everyone present.
Unauthorized presence in open office zone

Empower your team to be security aware

Engage the people in your organization to protect the company and its assets.

Keep your visitors and contractors safe and secure

Ensure your employees know where their visitors and contractors are with actionable alerts in case of policy breaches.
RightCrowd Presence Control Mobile Application
Employee in the work zone

Protect secure areas and intellectual property

Ensure trust in secure areas across workers and visitors by making authorization visible.


Activate your next layer of security.

Digital Badgeholders

Insert your existing building access card into the digital badgeholder. Everyone authorized in a zone will show the same color at any point in time. Tailgaters become visible instantly.

Flexible Deployment Model

Wearables can activate based on access control badging events or can automatically activate when you enter a zone based on proximity.

Minimal Infrastructure Required

The solution leverages your existing physical access control system (PACS) infrastructure. The only additional component needed is a Power of Ethernet (PoE) gateway installed at each entrance of a zone.

Two-way Communication

Our mobile app further extends the solution and allows you to notify people in a certain zone, or alert users to notify the security team of certain events.

Tethering of Visitors

Unique way of enforcing a host / visitor escort policy by digitally linking a visitor to their host. A visitor who leaves his/her host is visible and triggers an alert.

Physical Access Control System Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your physical access control system to maintain one single repository of users and access rights.

Optimize your next layer of security

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