Presence Control


Digital badgholder to make physical access
and presence visible

Contact Tracing Solution
RightCrowd Presence Control introduces a new approach to managing physical security in the workplace. The technology validates security permissions by making them visible.
The solution leverages your existing building access card and adds a RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder, enabling both human and automated validation of security permissions for everyone present.
Implementing RightCrowd Presence Control will make unauthorized people entering a restricted area visible to everyone present. It instantly establishes trust in areas with coworkers, visitors or contractors without them actually having to know each other.
You can also implement business rules, such as zone access control, contact tracing, visitor group tethering or evacuation and mustering.

Ensure only authorized persons are present

Prevent access to sensitive or restricted areas. Create invisible proximity perimeters to monitor your staff and visitors entering or exiting any set area of your workplace.
This allows the creation of secure areas without building hard perimeters.​

Know who was present when and where by area

Active RightCrowd Badgeholders are counted by location.​ The Badgeholder counts can be fed into occupancy or building management systems​.
This allows Security to know who was present in an area.​

Ensure visitors respect your security access policies​

Visitors receive a RightCrowd Badgeholder and unauthorized visitors become instantly visible to everyone ​present.
Optionally, the solution allows tethering visitors to their host, enforcing host/escort policy.
Presence Control - Tether Visitors

Avoid a shutdown of your operations​​

RightCrowd Badgeholders provide a continuous visual reminder to respect safe social distancing.​
You can know who was in Close Contact with infected persons and​ for how long.
The privacy and distance settings can be configured to match legal and policy requirements.​


Optimize your next layer of security

RightCrowd Badgeholder
RightCrowd Badgeholder
RightCrowd Gateway
RightCrowd Gateway (PoE) for activation, ​monitoring and tracking 
Social Distancing Software (Dashboard)
RightCrowd Presence Control Core ​(choice between US, EMEA and APAC Cloud)​
charging station
RightCrowd Charging Station ​(optional) 
RightCrowd Mobile Application
RightCrowd Mobile Application
Access Control Integration
Integration with​ Physical Access Control System or Visitor Management System​

Automated presence control system that respects workplace privacy

Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing Solution

Presence Control

Insert your existing building access card into the digital badgeholder. Everyone authorized in a zone will show the same color at any point in time. Tailgaters become visible instantly.

Flexible Deployment

Wearables can activate based on access control badging events or can automatically activate when you enter a zone based on proximity.

Minimal Infrastructure Required

The solution leverages your existing physical access control system (PACS) infrastructure. The only additional component needed is a Power of Ethernet (PoE) gateway installed at each entrance of a zone.

Two-way Communication

Our mobile app further extends the solution and allows you to notify people in a certain zone, or alert users to notify the security team of certain events.

Tethering of Visitors

Unique way of enforcing a host / visitor escort policy by digitally linking a visitor to their host. A visitor who leaves his/her host is visible and triggers an alert.

Physical Access Control System Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your physical access control system to maintain one single repository of users and access rights.

RightCrowd Presence Control:

Visual authorization for secure areas

RightCrowd Presence Control:

Tether visitors to a host

Optimize your next layer of security

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