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Meet Our Team at ISC West 2023

We’re excited to attend ISC West 2023, the largest security event in North America, held on March 28-31 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.

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Cyber-Physical Security: New Challenges and Liabilities for Security Professionals

Room: #202
Date: Thursday, 30 March
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Ironically, with a significant number of cybersecurity breaches well documented by the media over the last few years, physical security systems/networks present one of the greatest risks to network security and corporations. Another alarming reality is that C-level personnel are increasingly to be held accountable, if not liable for these data thefts. This panel discussion will explore why and how security system networks are so vulnerable, how they can be better protected from hacker penetration, and what best practices should be in place before and after an attack occurs. The panel will be comprised of a leading publisher/editor in the physical security market who will moderate the discussion of four prominent C-level executives from i-PRO Americas Inc, Viakoo, Boon Edam and RightCrowd.


Bart Vansevenant
Chief Product Officer | RightCrowd

Bart Vansevenant, the Chief Product Officer at RightCrowd, has 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity market. He has held executive roles in several organizations, including Catbird, Verizon, Cybertrust, Ubizen, Telenet, and Oracle.

$50b in cyber-physical damages

Gartner predicts that cyber-physical system security breaches will cost businesses over $50 billion.

Source: Gartner


Our award-winning solutions empower you to better manage identities, access and presence in your workplace. They keep people safer, and your workplace more secure and compliant.

Did you know, 83% of employees would prefer to work in a hybrid workplace?

Get our free checklist with comprehensive features to shape your hybrid workplace model without compromising on security.

Hybrid Workplace Access Checklist

Physical Identity and Access Management Made Easy

RightCrowd Workforce Access is a comprehensive Physical Identity and Access Management solution, ensuring efficient and secure control over physical access for all employees and contractors throughout their lifecycle.

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Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM)

Discover attribute-based physical access control

RightCrowd Workforce Access seamlessly integrates with Physical Access Control and many enterprise systems, while giving your workforce the best experience and a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

Through attribute-based access control (ABAC) rules, our software ensures that everyone is trained for the job, working in compliance with the regulations and can be evacuated safely in an emergency. Site or area entry for cardholders can be tied to competencies, health checks and many other factors.

Solution Features

9 ways companies can benefit with
RightCrowd’s PIAM solution

Manage identities and access levels across the enterprise

By integrating every enterprise system relevant to making good access decisions from PACS, Active Directory and HR, to Learning Management and ERP.
Read use case on Competencies & Certification Management

Automate error-prone manual processes

Including smart on-boarding and enrollment, badge management, access requests, access audits, off-boarding, and numerous other access control processes.
Read use case on Smart On-Boarding

Implement dynamic access policies to help maintain compliance

Replacing pre-defined static access permissions with attribute-based access control rules that set and remove access based on real-time data from relevant enterprise systems.
Read use case on Time On-Site Management

Automate random drug and alcohol testing

Without giving any indication to individuals based on observation, history or other discretionary factors prior to their entry to mining operations, which is otherwise discriminatory.
Read use case on Random Alcohol & Drug Testing

Ensure everyone on-site is authorized

With specific permissions for each and every individual employee, contractor and visitor on-site.
Read use case on Simplified Access Provisioning

Enable self-service visitor and staff access management

Allowing hosts to pre-register visitors for access, staff to request access to other facilities and sites, and enrolled individuals to request temporary badges when and if necessary, to perform their designated functions without interruption.
Read use case on Self-Service Visitor Management

Ensure audit confidence

By maintaining detailed audit trails of all enrolled individuals, access levels changes, and automating periodic access audits — all in near real time.
Read use case on Time On-Site Monitoring

Implement an emergency response plan

By streamlining and automating a secure process for evacuations and mustering, for drills as well as for real emergencies.
Read use case on Evacuation & Mustering

Did you know, 90% of companies with access control systems have incorrect information in their systems?

Our checklist helps you to get more out of your physical access control system (PACS) and keep it in sync with your business.

Workforce access checklist (PACS)


Visitor Management for the Enterprise

Give your security, facilities and operation teams the tools to manage every type of visitor or contractor at every stage of their visit.

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Visitor Management System

Improve your visitor operations

RightCrowd Visitor Management transforms your lobby operations to ensures the safety, security and compliance of visitors through your buildings and facilities.

Have confidence that only approved visitors and contractors can gain access to your site with automated pre-registration, site inductions, NDAs, contactless kiosks and peripherals. The solution seamlessly integrates with Physical Access Control and many enterprise systems, while giving your visitors the best experience and a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

Solution Features

Streamline your visitor management processes

Remove the Queue

You have unique requirements and we’ve got mobile, kiosk and pre-registration solutions to get people moving through your lobby.

Safety, Security and Compliance

It’s a balancing act, so you need a comprehensive solution that pushes the right inductions, captures the right details and notifies the right people.

Efficient Lobby Operations

More visitors doesn’t mean more staff, with self-service options that automate routine tasks and remove the administration load from reception.

Be a Great Host

Self-service options allow employees to register visitors with personalized pre-entry compliance processes and be notified when their visitor has arrived.

Big Group, No Problem

Automated group pre-registration, personalized pre-entry compliance processes and exit procedures delivering efficiency and security.

Physical Access Control Integration

Complete integration with your physical access control system, so you have a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

Is it time to upgrade your Visitor Management system?

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Visitor Management Checklist

Security wearables for the new workplace

RightCrowd Presence Control leverages your existing building access card and enables both human and automated validation of security permissions and safety requirements for everyone present.

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RightCrowd Digital Badge

Make physical access and presence visible

RightCrowd Presence Control introduces a new approach to managing physical security in the workplace. Our security wearables extend and reinforce traditional physical access control through applications that further reduce risk and improve safety in a way that was not possible before.

With traditional badges you cannot be sure that people around you are authorized to be there. There could be tailgaters, former employees with expired access rights, and others, any of whom could pose a threat. RightCrowd Presence Control makes authorized presence visible to everyone. It instantly establishes trust between co-workers, visitors and contractors without them actually having to know each other.

The digital badgeholders also provide several other unique applications that further reduce risk and improve safety in a way that was not possible before.


Enforce access permissions, everywhere

Frictionless activation

Wearables can activate based on access control badging events or can automatically activate when you enter a zone based on proximity.

Minimal infrastructure required

The solution leverages your existing physical access control system (PACS) infrastructure. The only additional component needed is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) RightCrowd Gateway installed at each entrance of a zone. The software platform resides in the cloud.

Highly secure multifactor authentication

The solution uses cryptography to ensure authentication and encryption. Data is encrypted at all times both in transit and at rest.

Two-way communication

Our mobile application further extends the solution and allows end users to interact with the digital badgeholder. Check battery status, respond to questionnaires, see close contacts, and more.

Physical Access Control integration

Seamlessly integrates with your physical access control system to maintain one single repository of users and access rights.

Quick deployment

Digital badgeholders and gateways arrive pre-configured. Simply plug in the gateways and start using the solution.

All your systems working seamlessly together

Integrate all systems relevant for making good access decisions with RightCrowd. From Physical Access Control, over Active Directory and HR, to Learning Management and ERP, RightCrowd helps connect your systems and automate your processes to improve safety, security and compliance in your organization.


Take control of identity access chaos

RightCrowd Access Analytics is a lightweight software solution that allows HR, IT, OT, security teams and business personnel to easily collaborate, review and take action against inappropriate access from any assets and enterprise systems in a single view.

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RightCrowd - User Access Reviews

Identify and review unauthorized access

On average, 25% of all people records change each year. Handling thousands of identity and access transactions per year in a manual or semi-automated way quickly results in Access Chaos. Whether you are aware of this Access Chaos or not, the risks are the same. When erroneous data is present, the organization is now subject to the very threats the access control system was designed to prevent.

RightCrowd Access Analytics instantly identifies people with inappropriate access from HR and IT systems to Physical Access Control Systems, regardless of the technology mix in place. Based on daily input feeds from business systems, people systems and physical access control, it flags incorrect or out of date identities and access permissions.

Solution Features

Get in control of access permissions

Uncover access creep

Ensure all access permissions are current, appropriate, and authorized.

Mitigate insider threat

Detect excessive access based on role, location and status outliers.

Know what to fix

Easily visualize identity anomalies, expired access permissions, duplicate cards, access for terminated staff and more.

Monitor privileged access

Continuously review access to secure areas, critical infrastructure, security systems, applications, file shares and more.

Be ready for an audit any day

With automatic policy checks conducted every day you can demonstrate compliance with your security, safety and other policies at any time.

Get extremely fast time-to-value

You’ll have insight into who has access to what and discover inappropriate access as of day 1.


RightCrowd (ASX: RCW / OTCQB: RCWDF) is a global provider of safety, security and compliance solutions that manage the access and presence of people. Combined with our long-standing alliances with major security and business systems vendors, our award-winning solutions have helped organizations to keep their physical access control in sync with their business, making them safer and more secure, at lower cost.

Trusted by the world’s most respected companies, we have successful deployments in industries covering healthcare, critical infrastructure, mining, technology, manufacturing and financial services.

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