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RightCrowd has a few distinct product offerings.

RightCrowd Enterprise

Enterprise & mid-tier solution

RightCrowd integrates seamlessly with your physical security access control system.

It is designed to meet the complex and demanding needs of large scale projects incorporating elements of HR, IT, physical security, safety, finance, risk and compliance by integrating with an organization’s enterprise systems.

By utilizing RightCrowd’s highly configurable rules and business policy engine, it can be configured to meet very specific and unique customer needs.

This enables RightCrowd to manage and automate regulatory requirements and company policies to ensure they are enforced at the physical security layer.

RightCrowd Essentials

Easy "out-of-the-box" solution

RightCrowd Essentials is an offering of the most frequently requested RightCrowd functionality bundled into an entry-level product.

Essentials is an easy to use, “out-of-the-box”, browser-based solution that supports and automates pre-defined business processes to deliver increased efficiency and productivity.

It has been designed to provide customers with immediate benefits after installation, requiring minimal configuration or modification.

Essentials allows customers to take full advantage of RightCrowd’s years of experience, simplifying the deployment of the software while delivering the key benefits many customers seek, without undertaking the scale of project normally involved when using our enterprise solution.

RightCrowd Insight


RightCrowd Insight is a powerful tool that highlights potential risks in the processes around how you manage your physical access control system’s current data. This gives you an opportunity to make informed decisions to improve those processes.

After completing the guided setup process, Insight will analyze your data using RightCrowd’s extensive industry experience to surface known issues, with clear explanations about how they can be rectified.

The results will be displayed in a dashboard overview for each individual Insight. You can select each unique tile to display detailed results on each potential issue, allowing for further analysis. 

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