Organizations use several physical security controls to protect their outer perimeter (reception, CCTV, badges, turnstiles, etc.). However, once inside, access badges very often are the only control left. Tailgating, badges being passed on, anonymous badges for contractors and visitors, and even falsified badges pose serious security, compliance, or even safety risks. RightCrowd introduces an additional layer of security called presence control.

Whereas access control provides a point in time check, RightCrowd Presence Control ensures continuous validation that everyone on site is right. Using security wearables, authorized presence is made visible to everyone. Optionally, the security wearables can be tracked by zone.

RightCrowd Presence Control has a range of form factors to support the requirements of corporate office, secure areas and close protection.

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    Security made visible

    You can literally ‘see’ if people are authorized to be where they are. Simple yet highly effective.

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    Security engagement

    Engage all the people in your organization to help protect its assets.

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    Demonstrate compliance

    Visually demonstrate attribute-based compliance at all times with a clear audit trail.

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    Built trust. Be safe.

    Provide your employees, visitors and contractors with an environment that they can verify is safe and secure.

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    Know where people are

    Presence of people can be anonymously tracked by zone.



  • Digital Badgeholders

    Insert your existing badge into the digital badge holder. Everyone authorized in a zone will show the same color at any point in time.

  • Flexible Deployment Model

    Wearables can activate based on access control badging events or can automatically activate when you enter a zone based on proximity.

  • Minimal Infrastructure Required

    The solution leverages your existing PACS infrastructure. The only additional component needed is a PoE gateway installed at each entrance of a zone.

  • Two-way Communication

    Our Mobile App further extends the solution and allows you to notify people in a certain zone, or users to notify the security team of certain events.

  • Tethering of Visitors

    Unique way of enforcing a host / visitor escort policy by digitally linking a visitor to their host. A visitor who leaves his/her host is visible and triggers an alert.

  • PACS Integration

    Seamlessly integrates with your PACS, so you keep one single repository of users and access rights.


Badgeholder for visitor management

Your organization welcomes visitors on a daily basis. Grab that first chance to make a strong first impression. Handing them a RightCrowd badgeholder instead of a simple paper or plastic badge will make a clear statement that your organization takes security seriously. Your hosts can activate the badgeholder of their visitors and optionally can enable a feature that continuously tracks whether the visitors remain close to their hosts.

Badgeholder for open offices

Office environments become open space areas where employees can freely move around to collaborate and exchange ideas. Yet, you want to be able to restrict presence in some areas to a subset of your people, or make presence rights conditional based on time of the day, being accompanied by a specific person, etc. RightCrowd badgeholders allow complementing traditional access control – based on opening doors – to flexible presence control.

Badgeholder for secure areas

While traditional access control provides a base level of security, presence control based on visualizing authorization empowers team members to help protect the organization’s core IP assets in a much more effective way. It eliminates common risks like tailgating or access badges being passed on. You can ensure granular presence control for sensitive areas without building additional perimeters.



Our expertise allows your business to streamline safety, security and compliance. No matter the business, RightCrowd has you covered with world-class industry solutions.

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Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
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Safety security and compliance
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Safety security and compliance
Safety security and compliance
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