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Give everyone the toolkit to be safe, secure and compliant when they return to work

Workplace access solutions to lock-in safety, security and compliance for your employees, contractors and visitors

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed how often people come into the office and the physical access they need. Remote and hybrid workplace models have shown the potential security risks of unrestricted physical access. Now you can get in control.
With RightCrowd you can ensure that every worker, contractor and visitor has exactly the right physical access they need to do their job, every time they come in to the work environment.

How it works

Enable a safe, streamlined entry experience with self-service pre-registration processes.

Automated processes deliver personalized approvals for every category of worker and guest.

Workers and guests complete COVID-19 health and vaccine questionnaires to keep everyone safe.

Building access is activated to the right areas for the right amount of time.

Protect every worker and visitor in the workplace with a digital contact tracing solution.


How to enable every employee, contractor and visitor with secure and compliant physical access

Protect Workers, Visitors and Assets

Select the right mix of contactless entry, workflow, mobile apps, kiosk and contact tracing solutions to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Streamlined Workplace Entry

Enable a streamlined entry experience, integrated with your access control system, that delivers a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on-site.

Proactive Security and Compliance

Deliver a personalized entry experience for every category of worker and guest, to lock-in security and compliance at the policy level.

Insights and Intelligence

Capture and track worker and visitor entry data, simplifying reporting and leveraging insights for operational improvement.

Enterprise Scalability

Gain visibility of visitors across the globe with a system that delivers the unique security, language or compliance requirements in each location.

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution

Using proven Bluetooth Low Energy technology, each digital badgeholder continuously monitors close contacts and quickly delivers 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree COVID-19 exposure reporting.

Streamline service requests with employee self-service and smart process automation.

Give workers the toolkit to manage their return to the office safely and securely.
COVID Health Screening Workplace Application
Employees back to work solutions

Improve security and compliance with policy driven physical access management solutions.

Ensure every worker has only the physical access they need to do their job.

Help returning workers maintain Social Distancing.

When the wearable detects a colleague within approximately 6 feet or 2 meters and prompts the users with a visual beacon to establish a safe social distance.
RightCrowd Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing

Fast, accurate, reliable Contact Tracing.

Quickly access close contact reporting across location, date/time, duration and 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree exposure.


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