RightCrowd Workforce Management Managing your return to work program with intelligent access solutions.

Efficiently Managing your COVID-19 Return to Work Processes

Workforce Management solutions from RightCrowd allow customers to efficiently manage their COVID-19 return to work processes. Workers can be registered to return and complete health questionnaires and inductions online. Access approvals and provisioning can be managed through advanced workflow functionality.

The solution can be deployed as a standardized process, or be configured to meet specific regulations and compliance needs for specific locations.

Integrated into your enterprise’s physical access control system, the solution enforces regulatory and policy compliance at every access event. Site or area access can be tied to health checks and test results, competencies and many other factors.

RightCrowd Workforce Management solutions integrate with HR, ERP, Learning Management and many devices, to continuously enforce safety and compliance.

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Managing the Challenges of Your Return to Work Processes

Could your organization efficiently ensure that every worker has passed their health checks, completed the new induction and has appropriate access approved and provisioned?

The challenge for organizations in managing their return to work processes will be in ensuring every worker has compliantly completed the process and has the access they need from day one.

In a business or operational environment, a compliance failure can result in a COVID-19 cluster, with significant reputational damage and legal ramifications following.

RightCrowd solves this problem by seamlessly integrating the organization’s HR, IT, OH&S and Finance systems with the physical access control system.

With RightCrowd’s highly configurable business policy engine, rules can be configured to meet specific requirements and unique business needs. This enables the organization to automate the enforcement of their return to work processes through the physical security system. This ensures employees and contractors are only allowed on site if they are in compliance with the policy, and have completed the necessary steps.


Workplace Pre-Entry Solutions

  • Access Revocation

    Returning workers existing access can be disabled, to ensure all workers complete testing and access approval processes.

  • Pre-Entry Registration

    Workers and visitors can be pre-registered to enter facilities with tailored health status questionnaires and inductions.

  • Access Authorization

    Workers can request additional facility access, with approval and  notification managed through workflow.

  • Verifiable Credential

    Update existing badges with digital cryptographic credentials that are secure, universally trusted and preserve privacy.

  • Fitness for Work

    Worker competencies and policy compliance can be checked prior to entry through integrations with corporate systems.

  • Testing Device Integration

    Integrate with testing devices as part of the check-in process for all workers and visitors.

Workplace Solutions

  • Fatigue Management

    Track a workers actual time at work and enforce fatigue management policies and mandatory breaks.

  • Social Distance Monitoring

    Continuously keep track of where workers and visitors are, and who they came close to.

  • Badge Management

    Automatically revoke a worker’s access at the end of a work day or specified period.

  • Testing & Screening

    Health screening can be periodically carried out for all workers and visitors on site.

  • Evacuation Management

    Dynamic location tracking system for all workers and visitors during an emergency.

  • Asset Tracking

    Identifies every asset that has entered or exited a protected area removing the need for manual scanning.

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