Solution Briefs

Progressive security operations are seeking solutions to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and free up resources.

Common Security administration processes can be automated and achieve step-change cost and compliance improvements. Those same Security Directors are automating routine administrative processes because they want their team working on security management and out of admin.

RightCrowd enables security departments to successfully partner with the business, to improve compliance and security outcomes, while driving down the transaction costs of security administration tasks.

RightCrowd solutions can be applied to any organization where safety, security and compliance are critical. Contact us to find out more.

Smart On-Boarding

Could your organization benefit from simplifying how employees and contractors request site access during on-boarding?

For many organizations, on-boarding new employees is a frustrating process, involving manual paperwork, emails and hours on the phone. RightCrowd automates and secures the process of requesting and approving access during personnel on-boarding.

RightCrowd automates the process of provisioning site access for employees and contractors directly into the enterprise’s physical access control system. The addition of a new staff member into the HR or identity management system can trigger a workflow, which will result in the provisioning of the new staff member into the enterprise’s physical security system.

Simplified Access Provisioning

Could your organization benefit from simplifying how employees and contractors request access changes to your facilities?

RightCrowd automates and secures the process of requesting and approving access requests, changes, and terminations.

When a request is created, a workflow is automatically initiated requesting approval from relevant approvers. Approvers can be customized for specific site areas. Training and certification requirements can also be verified if required for access to specific areas. When all necessary approvals are received, RightCrowd automatically provisions the user with these access credentials into your enterprise’s physical access control system. The process of provisioning access to areas of your site is fully automated and auditable.

Visitor Management Enhanced

Corporate lobbies can be busy places with contractors and visitors seeking access to an organization's people, assets and information. Leading companies are now looking for a visitor and contractor entry experience that delivers on the brand promise, not accepting queues, idle staff, and low-tech experiences.

RightCrowd Visitor Management delivers a consistent process, for a single site or at global scale, providing site access while focusing on safety, security and compliance. The solution can be a standardized guided approach out-of-the-box through to a customized experience designed to meet specific business process and compliance needs.

Proven to operate at global scale handling over 1 million visitors annually, RightCrowd Visitor Management now powers some of the busiest corporate lobbies in the world. 

Competencies & Certification Management

Could your organization benefit from enforcing that only trained and certified workers have access to operational areas?

Many organizations struggle to enforce compliance of their training, licensing or certification policies continuously. RightCrowd automates continuous competency compliance and proactive expiry notification.

RightCrowd can be configured to check all competencies and certifications against HR, Training and Learning Management Systems (LMS). When an access request is created for access to a restricted area, RightCrowd will automatically check to ensure the worker has the required competency or certification as part of the approval process.

Time On-Site Monitoring

Could your organization benefit from an automated solution to enforce fatigue management and hazardous exposure policies?

For organizations operating in highly regulated industries, automated time on site monitoring solutions improve safety outcomes and policy compliance. RightCrowd can be configured to track and report how much time each worker physically spent in their work area.

Integration with ERP systems supports seamless billing reconciliation and improved cost efficiencies and contractor billing management, as well as ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and company policy.

Evacuation & Mustering

RightCrowd Evacuation Management improves emergency response and recovery by identifying the location of every employee, contractor and visitor on site. 

RightCrowd Evacuation Management provides Safety and Security Managers with a simple and dynamic personnel location system during emergency situations, avoiding the requirement for manual reports from multiple systems.

RightCrowd greatly accelerates the process of checking all staff into muster points during an evacuation drill or during an actual emergency.

The solution seamlessly integrates to the physical access control system, to be the single record of who’s on site and where they are, in real-time. 

Fatigue Management

Could your organization improve safety outcomes through the automated enforcement of fatigue management policies? For many organizations, fatigue is a major contributor to workplace safety incidents, and it can be prevented.

RightCrowd automates the enforcement of fatigue management policies through a deep integration with the access control system. This ensures employees and contractors are only allowed on site if they are in compliance with the policy.

RightCrowd’s Rules Engine constantly compares workers' actual time on site with the company’s fatigue management policies, regarding maximum time on site and mandatory breaks, and can automatically flag any workers who are in breach of these policies.

Lost Access Card Processing

Workers misplacing or forgetting their access cards creates a major administrative headache for enterprise security teams. The staffing required to manage lost/forgotten access cards efficiently is difficult to predict and highly irregular.

RightCrowd has developed a self-service capability for lost and misplaced access cards. The worker can log into a self-service kiosk using their domain credentials, and once authenticated, the kiosk can then dispense a site access card to the worker with access privileges matching those of their regular card.

The lost or forgotten access card is disabled until later returned to the kiosk.

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

For many organizations, drug and alcohol impairment are major workplace issues, with industry reports estimating up to 30% of workers are under the influence during work time.

RightCrowd addresses these problems with an automated system for randomly selecting a prescribed number of workers on a regular basis for drug and alcohol testing prior to site entry. If the worker has been selected, their badge will be temporarily disabled in the physical access control system until they have been tested and cleared.

The selection process is automated and completely random, so it is generally acceptable to all stakeholders, including staff, unions, and government regulators.

Automated Access Revocation

Could your organization benefit from simplifying how employees and contractors access to facilities is revoked?

For many organizations, employee separation requires an array of manual processes to remove a worker’s system and facility access.

RightCrowd automates and secures the process of access removal following worker separation. Once HR personnel enter the revocation date and reason in the organization’s ERP system, through integration, the worker’s profile in the RightCrowd system is automatically updated with these details. On the worker’s last day, the RightCrowd rules and policy engine will automatically deactivate their card and synchronize this through to the access control system.