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Discover why the Fortune 50, major banks and government choose RightCrowd Visitor Management.
RightCrowd Visitor Management System
Best-in-Class Enterprise Solution
Have confidence that only approved visitors can gain access to your site with inductions, NDAs, contactless kiosks and peripherals.
Secure, compliant Visitor Management
Manage access to all locations, track real-time activity, and get notifications and alerts in a customizable dashboard.
Physical Access Control Integration
The solution seamlessly integrates with Physical Access Control and many enterprise systems, while giving your visitors the best experience.

RightCrowd Visitor Management

RightCrowd Visitor Management transforms lobby operations with a streamlined, secure, personalized entry experience for your visitors, contractors and vendors. The solution seamlessly integrates with Physical Access Control and many enterprise systems, while giving your visitors the best experience.
Visitor pre-registration
Pre-arrival induction
Flexible kiosk and mobile solutions
Access control system integrated
Host notification
Evacuation management
Visitor badges and ID card scanning
Watch list and screening

Strengthen your safety
and security

RightCrowd Visitor Management enhances your physical access security system to manage the safety and compliance of your visitors and workers in one intelligent platform.
RightCrowd Visitor Management System

Ensure your visitors are healthy and authorized to be in your workplace

Easy, self-service tools to efficiently manage COVID-19 checks, site inductions and approvals to ensure that every visitor is safe and authorized to be there.

Visitor management that delivers
safety, security and compliance.

Enhance Visitor Access Controls

Enable a streamlined visitor experience, integrated with your access control system, that delivers a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on-site.

Protect Visitors, Workers and Assets

Select the right mix of contactless entry, workflow, mobile apps, kiosk and contact tracing solutions to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Proactive Security and Compliance

Deliver a personalized entry experience for every category of visitor and guest, to lock-in security and compliance at the policy level.

Enterprise Scalability

Gain visibility of visitors across the globe with a system that delivers the unique security, language or compliance requirements in each location.

Visitor Insights and Intelligence

Capture and track visitor, contractor and employee entry data, simplifying reporting and leveraging insights for operational improvement.

Transform Lobby Operations

Welcome visitors with an experience that aligns with your brand through processes that make each visit safe, productive and memorable.

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