Webinar – Time to Rethink Physical Access Control

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Time to Rethink Physical Access Control

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The workers relationship with the office has changed fundamentally. Hybrid working is here to stay, and it means that many workers will come into facilities regularly, but not every day.

In this on-demand webinar, Bart Vansevenant will uncover the findings on the current state of physical access control systems and whether they are sufficient to secure facilities or the people, data, and intellectual property they are intended to protect.

Understand The New Access Management Challenges (Requesting Access for the Day)
Understand the Impact of Hybrid Working Arrangements on Physical Access Control
Changes to Access Control Environments in Shared Offices or Short-Lease Buildings
Access Decisions Requiring Input from other Systems
Enforcing Health, Safety and Security Policies
Managing Health & Safety Wellbeing
Bart Vansevenant | Chief Product Officer
Bart Vansevenant is the Chief Product Officer at RightCrowd. In his role he leads the presence control and cyber security solutions of the company. Vansevenant has spent 15 years in the cyber security market. He was CMO at cybersecurity start-up Catbird. He was Executive Director of the Global Security Organization at Verizon, responsible for strategy, product management and development for the company's cyber security portfolio worldwide. He has also held executive roles in Cybertrust, Ubizen, Telenet and Oracle.

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