Returning to the office needs a smarter way to manage physical access

Managing zero trust in physical security
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Returning to the office needs a smarter way to manage physical access

As Governments have begun to enact local regulations to support returning to the office, it’s important to prepare your physical access control environment to support your company’s new safety, security and compliance requirements.

In this article, we talk about how RightCrowd can help ensure your people have the right physical access every time they need to be in your workplace.

Control the flow of people coming back

For many organizations, hybrid work arrangements are here to stay, and it won’t surprise you that your people don’t need physical access to the entire facility anymore. That’s now a very obvious safety, security and compliance risk.

Hybrid work arrangements mean that many workers will need ongoing, intermittent access to facilities. To manage this your organization needs to establish an efficient and secure way to update your employees and contractors physical access without creating an enormous administrative burden, or compromising security and compliance.

RightCrowd delivers physical identity and access management solutions that are highly configurable and adaptable to organizational needs. The solutions allow you to automate common access management tasks and ensure that everyone in your facilities has exactly the right physical access they need to do their job, every time they come into the work environment. Here is how:

  1. Proactive security and compliance
    RightCrowd delivers a personalized entry experience for every category of worker and guest that needs access to sites, offices, facilities and plant.

  2. Streamlined workplace entry
    Using workflow and a business rules engine, RightCrowd delivers automated processes that ensure every access request meets COVID-19 health checks, company policy and regulations before approval.

  3. Protect workers, visitors and assets
    RightCrowd delivers a flexible, integrated mix of contactless entry solutions, mobile apps, kiosk and contact tracing wearables to streamline workplace entry and quickly respond to virus outbreaks.

  4. Enterprise Scalability
    Integrated with your access control system, the system delivers a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor for a single site or across your global locations. It can be configured to meet the unique security, language or compliance requirements demanded in each location.

RightCrowd also allows you to quickly adjust your access management settings to effectively control workplace access, as health advice, regulations and your physical access policies change.

Manage physical identities intelligently

RightCrowd enables policy-based physical access. Its physical access is configured to meet company policy, regulations, or local health orders which is enforced through the physical access control system.

At the simplest level, RightCrowd enables an existing physical access control system to enforce week-on/week-off worker scheduling. In the week-on, they have physical access to the right facilities, and in the week-off their access rights are disabled. Safety, security and compliance are locked in.

Zero Trust for Physical Security

A context-aware and dynamic authorization model:

Zero Trust for Physical Security

In more complex operating environments business rules can be applied to physical access to ensure that a worker’s access permissions match their role, certifications, regulations, rosters, training and many other attributes.

Workers can now have personalized physical access built to ensure they are safe, secure and compliant. The solution can also be applied to visitors and contractors who need physical access to buildings and facilities.

Find out more about Zero Trust in our weekly webinar series, ‘Back to the Office with RightCrowd’.

Adaptable workforce access management

The pandemic has highlighted that health regulations and business needs can change quickly. It’s also shown that many organizations have chosen to accept security and compliance risks, because their systems do not support dynamic, context-aware physical access controls, and the cost of manual workarounds have been too onerous.

As organizations return more functions to the workplace your physical access controls can now keep pace. RightCrowd will ensure that returning workers only have the access they need to do their job and are fit for work. This can all be completed off-site or at home through a dedicated self-service portal.

Employees can register to return, complete health checks and inductions and have their access approved by their managers. Their building access cards can be automatically provisioned and de-provisioned at the end of the approval period.

The same style of process can also be used to register visitors, vendors, contractors and tenants to enter the building all with the appropriate checks, inductions and approvals to keep everyone safe.

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