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Manage identities, credentials and access without the manual work.

Ensure the security and safety of your employees, contractors and visitors with RightCrowd’s automated and dynamic physical identity and access management solution.

Physical identity and access management trusted by the Fortune 50.

Solving complex security challenges 

20 years

Global workforce of

150+ employees 

The RightCrowd technology was instrumental in ensuring our safety, security and compliance. The intelligent layer that conveniently and seamlessly bolts on to your existing access control or time and attendance systems far surpassed Sasol’s expectations. RightCrowd is more than a product, it is people.

Corne Henning,
former Security Technology Manager at Sasol South Africa

Simplify physical security with effortless and efficient access management.

Deploy best practice PIAM modules in no time.

  • Employees Access

  • Visitor Management

  • Contractor Management

  • Health & Safety

  • Access Attestation

  • Credential Management.

Automate physical access approval processes with a flexible workflow engine.

  • Set up approval flows for physical access requests following best practices.

  • Ensure access requests get routed to the right people.

  • Maintain a complete audit trail for reporting and compliance purposes.

Enhance user experience with intuitive self-service portals.

  • Allow workers to submit and track requests with ease.

  • Reduce administrative workload for physical security administrators.

Improve visitor experience and management with easy-to-use kiosk applications.

  • Allow visitors to quickly check in by themselves.

  • Let hosts confirm visitor pick-ups.

  • Enable employees to obtain a temporary badge in case of lost or forgotten regular ones.

  • Reduce the administrative workload for receptionists and security guards.

Meet internal guidelines with flexible deployment options.

Choose between on-premise or cloud deployment to align with internal IT and Data Protection policies.

Experience physical security access that anticipates everybody’s needs.

For Employees
Get access and credentials without running to the Physical Security Office every time.
For Managers
Approve all access requests in one place, and sync it across platforms without manual updates.
For Company Visitors
Experience self-service check in at kiosks, add in scheduled visits and avoid waiting for clearances.
For Security Administrators
Set up the system and user permissions in one go. Define access rules, approve workflows, audit reviews, and monitor access.
For HSE Employees
Review HSE-related access rules for the entire property and run evacuations with zero effort.
For Security Officers
Stay on top of security incidents. Ensure that only authorized identities have access to physical locations and digital assets.

Experience effortless integration across all your systems.

Physical Access Control Systems
Business Tools
Hosted Systems / Database Services
Peripheral Devices
View all integrations
Manual processes and stand-alone systems are leaving you vulnerable.

You’re spending time and effort maintaining identities, credentials and access manually.

Your PACS is isolated and contains outdated access information, causing security risks.

You’re investing valuable hours running manual checks for compliance with access and safety standards.

Eliminate human error and take risk out of your physical access with RightCrowd.

You have complete, automated access control across an employee, visitor or contractor’s lifecycle.

You’re all set for audit season with easy-to-prove compliance and evidence of safety standards.

There’s an intelligent layer between your PACS and other systems that ensures automatic access updates and ends security slips.

Shift from your static physical access management to proven, attribute-based physical access control. Level up your organization’s security.
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Transforming access control at your workspace is easier than you think.

You can leave it to the experts at RightCrowd.
  • Trusted by the Fortune 50
  • Seamless Integration
  • Globally Scalable
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