Case Study

Global Technology Company

Situation /Objectives

Their visitor management workflows required an automated tracking system for maintenance that could be integrated with existing technologies. Requirements included:

  • Manage the visitor lifecycle, where a visitor is defined as a person without permanent access to an office or facility. Bulk Entry Mechanism for VPRs And ALRs
  • Enhanced and simplified bulk entry mechanism for both ALRs and VPRs.
  • Enhanced prerequisites prior to allowing access to areas, be it training, certification or other prerequisites integration to internal training system,
  • Enforce prerequisites prior to allowing access to areas, be it training, certification or other prerequisites Integration to internal training system.
  • A trusted compliance and audit trail
  • GDR retention settings included as a new functionality to support data protection regulations.


  • Lowered risk for having proper access for employees and visitors
  • Removed manual processes with automation
    • Knowledge of who is onsite and when
    • Gained ability to be more efficient by providing real-time information
  • Bulk imports of Work Notifications visitors – Automatically process bulk visitors scheduled to come on-site
  • BOLO Watchlist: To better support the number of methods in which a visit can be created, a new method of evaluating potential matches will be established.
  • Enforcement of training requirements – Training requirement is part of automation workflows (email notification) completion of mandatory training prior to provisioning their access.
  • End to end audit trails – End-to-end tracking of the lifecycle of a visit, approvals and clearance history, audit schedule, and application user activities.
    • data purging related to GDPR (benefit to ensure Amazon stays with regulation)

RightCrowd Value

  • Right Crowd Visitor Management System with Software Delivery & Support provides transparency,
  • relationship building and accountability.
  • RightCrowd oversees entire project lifecycle, from its initiation to completion, ensuring successful execution and project delivery
  • Designs the overall software solution architecture. Defines system components, modules, and interfaces. ensures tea he ehere mete business equiremen indeing elation of the existing sofiare s
  • Design: Creating a detailed plan for customization and config, including defining new features, user interface changes
  • Implementation: Execute the documented solution, involving configuration, coding, or both.
  • Testing: Thoroughly testing the customized software to ensure that new functionalities work as expected and do not negatively impact existing features. Testing to occur in RightCrowd VM as well as Amazon Gamma Environments.
  • Deployment: Rolling out the customized software to users, ensuring proper communication, training, and support.
  • Right Crowd proactively flags issues avoiding potential interruption to business continuity.

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